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The mission of the Middle East and Middle Eastern American Center (MEMEAC) at the Graduate Center, CUNY, is to promote the study of the Middle East and Middle Eastern Americans. MEMEAC links students, faculty, and the general public with the many Middle Eastern resources in the NYC metropolitan region, while also engaging in outreach and conducting research. Acting as a central hub – geographically, academically, and socially – the Center’s goal is to give back to the large and multi-diverse population.

By sponsoring lectures, seminars, concerts, conferences, and other outreach, MEMEAC serves as a resource for both the Graduate Center and CUNY community, as well as the public at large. With its emphasis on the cultural and social dimensions of the region and its attention to the diaspora experience, MEMEAC has built a large public following for its programming. See a sampling of images from our past events:


Master’s Program

The Center is a magnet for doctoral students in Anthropology, Art History, History, Music, Political Science, Sociology, and other disciplines. With growing interest in the Greater Middle East, the Center launched a Master’s Program in Middle Eastern Studies in 2008. Visit the Middle Eastern Studies Master’s Program page for more information.