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"China Before, Today, and Tomorrow" with Ian Johnson

What does China’s past tell us about its present and future? How do remnants of its pre-Communist history affect the way the current leadership approaches the country’s contemporary challenges? How will the United States and China deal with each other on such issues as trade and climate change? How much soft power does China have as it takes its place on the world stage?

Ian Johnson, Pulitzer Prize–winning journalist and author, formerly with The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, and other outlets, and recently expelled from China, discusses historical trends in China’s development and how they affect the policy choices of the Chinese Communist Party today. In conversation with Professor John Torpey, director of the Ralph Bunche Institute for International Studies.

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International Horizons - Ralph Bunche Institute · China Before, Today, & Tomorrow with Ian Johnson

Submitted on: APR 12, 2021

Category: International Horizons | Ralph Bunche Institute for International Studies