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Doctoral candidates enrolled at the Graduate Center can complete a Certificate in Africana Studies. The study of the African Diaspora as it is manifested in social and cultural structures outside of the African continent has emerged over the last decade and a half as one of the academic world’s most active interdisciplinary arenas. The primary goal of the Certificate in Africana Studies is to produce scholars who are fully conversant with this diverse field, providing them with the analytic and research tools to navigate and articulate the black experience while furthering the ongoing dialogue on race and identity.

New York City is an extremely important locus for primary sources. Its convergence of music, literature, art, politics, and history—along with its myriad ethnic tapestry—offers scholars the opportunity to analyze black culture in a uniquely fertile context. A certificate in Africana Studies reflects and enhances the diversity of both subject matter and community found in CUNY at large.

REQUIREMENTS: 15 Credits. Students are required to be matriculated in one of the established doctoral programs and must take one prerequisite course: Introduction to Africana Studies (3 credits); Two required core courses: Global Perspectives (3 credits) and Topics in Africana Studies (3 credits); Minimum of two electives from any course cross-listed with Africana Studies or approved by the Director of Africana Studies. Course offerings are from a broad spectrum of disciplines including Anthropology, Art, English, Film Studies, History, Music, Political Science, Psychology, Sociology, Social Welfare, and Women’s Studies.

 For further information contact Zee Dempster, Assistant Coordinator, at 212-817-2070

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