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Below is current information on American Studies Certificate Program alumni. Program graduates, please contact us at to update your information.

Andrew April (Ph.D., Urban Education, 2017)
Dissertation: Musicalization: Early Childhood Music Access, Discourse, and Praxis in NYC Charter Schools, 2014-2015

Jacob A. Cohen (Ph.D., Music, 2017)
Dissertation: Constructions of New England Identity and Place in American Music, 1885-1935
Anahi Douglas (Ph.D., English, 2018)
Dissertation: Nomads of the Body, Exiles of the Mind, Twentieth Century Transnational African American Mexican Art and Literature
Glenn D. Dyer (Ph.D., History, 2018)
Dissertation: Final Call: Rank-and-File Rebellion in New York City, 1965-1975

Jenny LeRoy (Ph.D., English, 2017)
Dissertation: Custodian of the Specie: White Women, Capital, and Slavery in the Hemispheric South

Danica Savonick (Ph.D., English, 2018)
Dissertation: Insurgent Knowledge, the Poetics and Pedogogy of Toni Cade Bambara, June Jordan, Audre Lorde, and Adrienne Rich in the Era of Open Admissions
Nicole Zeftel (Ph.D., Comparative Literature, 2018)
Dissertation: Sickly Sentimentalism: Sympathy and Pathology in American Women’s Literature, 1866-1900