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FALL 2016

ASCP 81000: Introduction to American Studies: Racial Capitalism, M, 2:00-4:00pm, Room TBA, 3 credits, Professor Ruth W. Gilmore [32009]. Crosslisted with EES 79903

Capitalism requires inequality, and racism enshrines it. The course develops Cedric Robinson’s argument that capitalism emerged from a context of profoundly racial practice within Europe before its extension via war, colonialism, and imperialism around the globe. Students will learn to distinguish between thinking about racial practice and thinking through color, and consider the social and spatial significance of the concept in the context of multiple movements for land, justice, sovereignty, liberty, life


Instead of producing the usual long lists of courses that will count towards the certificate, we are setting up a new system:

Students taking courses offered through other units that are appropriate to ASCP 81500/Themes in American Culture or ASCP 82000/American Culture: Major Periods, may have them counted toward completion of the certificate program by sending the course details (name, title, instructor(s), and course description) to