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Faculty Specializations

Ammiel Alcalay (Comparative Literature, English): 20th Century American Poetry, Literary, Social and Political Movements, Native America, West Coast Culture

Herman Bennett (History) Early Modern Latin American History; The African Diaspora; Early Modern Atlantic History

Jane Bowers (Theatre): 20/21st-Century American Drama and Poetry, Literature and the Law, Gertrude Stein, John Ashberry, Performance Poetry, Avant Garde of the 60's, 70's, 80's, American Dramatic Realism

Stephen Brier (Urban Education) US Social History and New Media Technology

Martin Burke (History):  US Intellectual and Cultural History, American Religious History

Kandice Chuh (English) Asian American and Comparative Ethnic Literary Studies; Minority Discourse; Critical/Queer Theory & Critical Race Studies; Aesthetics & Cultural Studies

Alyson Cole (Political Science) Feminist Theory; Politics of Identity; American Political Culture

Cathy Davidson (English) New Modes of Publishing & Communication; Virtual & Distance Collaboration; Rethinking Across the Tradional Boundaries of Higher Education  

Marc Dolan (English): 19th-21st Century American Literature, Cultural Studies, Ethnicity in American Culture, Modern American Mass Entertainment

Stuart Ewen (Sociology): 19th & 20th Century American Social/Cultural History, Mass Media, Public Relations

Duncan Faherty (English) Early American Cultural Studies; Circum-Atlantic Studies; 18th & 19th Century US Literature; Textual Recovery

Michelle Fine (Psychology, Urban Education) Participatory Action Research & Studies of Social Injustice & Resistance; Urban Education

Ruth Wilson Gilmore (Earth & Environmental Sciences) Revolution & Reform; Race, Space & Place; Environments & Movements; Prison, Movement of Capital & Labor; the African Diaspora

Matthew Gold (English) Digital Humanities; Scholarly Communication; Networked Rhetoric; Open-Access Pedagogy; 19th-Century American Literature & Culture

David Joselit (Art History) Modern & Contemporary Art

Cindi Katz (Environmental Psychology, Earth & Environmental Sciences) Social Reproduction & Everyday Life; Security & the Environment

William Kelly (English): American Literary History, Cultural Theory, Film and Popular Culture

Thomas Kessner (History): Immigration, Fiorello H. La Guardia, New York City, Urban History, Business History

Wayne Koestenbaum (English): Literary History, Criticism, Theory, Gay and Lesbian Literature and Theory

Gail Levin (Art History): Edward Hopper, Marsden Hartley, American Art and Architecture, American Film and Cultural Studies

Eric Lott (English) African-American Literature & Literary Theory; Cultural Studies, Film & Literature after 1945; 19th-Century US Literature; Popular Culture

David Nasaw (History): William Randolph Hearst, American Youth Culture, U.S. Popular Culture, Journalism, Amusement Industries

James Oakes (History): US History, African American History

Ruth O'Brien (Political Science): American Political Development; Social Movements; Intersectionality & Identity Politics; American Political Thought/Theory

Richard Gid Powers (History): J. Edgar Hoover, the FBI, American Anticommunism, Popular Culture

David Reynolds (English): Walt Whitman, American Renaissance, 19th-Century American Literature and Cultural History, Cultural History of Democracy

Joan Richardson (Comparative Literature, English): 19th-Century American Literature, American Literature and Science, American Modernism, Colonial American Rhetorics, Wallace Stevens

David Savran (Theatre):  Modern American Theatre, Gay and Lesbian Theatre

Robyn C. Spencer (History): American History, Post-1945 social movements, civil rights and black power, African American women, urban history

Jeffrey Taylor (Music):  Music of the U.S.; Jazz History; Early Jazz Pianists; Music in the Harlem Renaissance; History of Jazz Arranging; Music of Jelly Roll Morton, Duke Ellington, Earl "Fatha" Hines, James P. Johnson, and John Coltrane and Charles Mingus

Lucia Trimbur (Sociology): Ethnography, sport studies; critical prison studies; mining and occupational health; race and racisms

Neal Tolchin (English): American Literature, Contemporary Multicultural American Novel, 19th-Century American Women Novelists

David Waldstreicher (History) Early & 19th-Century America; Political History; Cultural History; Slavery & Antislavery; Print Culture

Amy J. Wan (English): Composition and rhetoric; Literacy studies; Historiography; History of higher education and disciplinarity; Citizenship studies; Rhetoric of public policy