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Below is current information on Film Studies Certificate Program alumni. Program graduates, please contact us at to update your information.

Aaron Khai Han Ho (Ph.D., English, 2017)
Dissertation: Shame, Darwin, and Other Victorian Writers

Salvador Gomez Barranco (Ph.D, Latin American, Iberian and Latino Cultures, 2020) 
Dissertation: Inclinaciones del yo: Aproximaciones desde el afecto y la vulnerabilidad a la literatura y el cine autobiográficos de la España en Crisis (2008–2019) 

Yu-Yun Hsieh (Ph.D., Comp Lit., 2019) 
Dissertation: Ang Lee's America: A Study of Adaptation and Transculturation 

Thomas S. Davies (Ph.D., English, 2017) 
Dissertation: Impressive Failures: Mavericks of Film Authorship and the Impossibility of Success in Hollywood 

Kristin Jacobs (Ph.D., Latin American, Iberian and Latino Cultures, 2019) 
Dissertation: Presenciar el pasado: Witnessing the Spanish and Argentine Dictatorships through Film and Television 

Saisha Grayson (Ph.D., Art History, 2018)
Dissertation: Cellist, Catalyst, Collaborator: The Work of Charlotte Moorman
Alexandra Just (Ph.D., Theatre, 2017)
Dissertation: The Interdependence of Theatricality, Gender, and Race in Cinematic and Performative Representations of New Orleans—From Jim Crow to Hurricane Katrina
Kelley Kawano (Ph.D., English, 2017)
Dissertation: Our Vile Age: Women and Class in the Interwar Novels of Nancy Mitford
Melanie Lorek (Ph.D., Sociology, 2018)
Dissertation: Unpacking Ostalgia: Where Biography Meets History
Rojo Robles Mejias (Ph.D., LAILAC, 2020) Dissertation: Cinegrafia: literatura, espectadores y cinefilia contemporanea en latinoamerica 

Natalie Musteata (Ph.D., Art History, 2019)
Dissertation: The "I" of the Artist-Curator 

Michael D. Phillips (Ph.D., Comparative Literature, 2018) 
Dissertation: Manifest Density: Decentering the Global Western Film 

Juan R. Recondo (Ph.D., Theatre, 2018) 
Dissertation:  The Other at War: Performing the Spanish-Cuban-American War on U.S. and Cuban Stages 

Rebecca Siefert (Ph.D., Art History, 2018)
Dissertation: Lauretta Vinciarelli in Context: Transatlantic Dialogues in Architecture, Art, Pedagogy, and Theory, 1968-2007

Yair Solan (Ph.D., English, 2017)
Dissertation: Writing the Projected Image: American Fiction and Early Screen Culture

Maria Edurne Zuazu (Ph.D., Music, 2019) 
Dissertation:  Ruin Sound: Audio Afterlives, Reenactment, and Remembrance in the 21st Century