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Leah Anderst (Ph.D., The Graduate Center, CUNY): Documentary Cinema and Essay Films, Film Aesthetics, French Film Studies, Theories of Narrative and Autobiography, Community College and Writing Pedagogy

William Boddy (Ph.D., New York University): Film & Television History; Moving Image Technologies; Media Theory

Royal Brown (Ph.D., Columbia University): Film Music; French Film Since 1950; Myth & Cinema

Jonathan Buchsbaum (Ph.D., New York University): Film & Politics; French Film of the 1930s; Latin American Cinema

Jerry W. Carlson (Ph.D., University of Chicago): French & Spanish Film; Latin American & Caribbean Film; American Independent Cinema; Narrative Theory

Noël E. Carroll (Ph.Ds, University of Illinois, Chicago &  New York University) Philosophy of Film & the Visual Arts; Aesthetic Theory; Social & Cultural Theory

Cynthia Chris (Ph.D., University of California): television history, gender and sexuality, media authorship, and critical animal studies.

Sam Di Iorio (Ph.D.. University of Pennsylvania):  French Cinema & Culture; Theory

Marc Dolan (Ph.D., Harvard University): Silent and Early Sound Film; The History of Broadcasting (both radio and television); The Musical and Other Popular Genres; Stars and Other Industrial Auteurs

David A. Gerstner (Ph.D., University of California, Los Angeles): Film Authorship; Queer World Cinema; Queer Theory

Michael B. Gillespie (Ph.D., New York University): Film theory, black visual and expressive culture, popular music, and contemporary art

Alison Griffiths (Ph.D., New York University):  Nineteenth Century Visual Culture; Early Cinema; Museum Studies; Documentary Film; Cultural Theory; New Media

Amy Herzog (Ph.D. University of Rochester): Film Theory; Small Screen   Film & Video Technologies; Popular Music, Gender Studies

Peter Hitchcock (Ph.D., The Graduate School): Literary Theory and Film; Modernism

Robert Kapsis (Ph.D., University of California, Berkeley): Historical Reception of Films; The American Film Industry

Wayne Koestenbaum (Ph.D., Princeton University): Film Criticism, Contemporary Filmmakers, Gay & Lesbian Literature & Film, Andy Warhol

Stuart Liebman (Emeritus. Ph.D., New York University): French Film Theory & Criticism; Post-World War II German Cinema; Film & Modernism

Giancarlo Lombardi (Ph.D., Cornell University): Italian political cinema and television, Uses and functions of religion in transnational television drama from the Global North

Ivone Margulies (Ph.D., New York University): Aspects of Theatricality in Modern Postwar Cinema and Contemporary Visual Media; Cinema Verité; French Modernist Cinema; Women’s Cinema; Experimental Film and Video; Questions of Realism and the Representation of the Everyday in Cinema.

Paula J. Massood (Ph.D., New York University): African American Film; Global Cinema; Contemporary American Film; Feminist Film Theory; Film Aesthetics and Theory

Joe McElhaney (Ph.D., New York University): Classical Cinema, Vicente Minnelli, Alfred Hitchcock, Fritz Lang, Howard Hawks, Rainer Werner Fassbinder & Other Directors, the Human Figure in Cinema

Edward D. Miller (Ph.D., New York University): Radio and Audio Studies, Nonfiction Film, Media and Performance

Joyce Rheuban (Ph.D., New York University): Weimar Cinema; Post-World War II German Cinema; American Film Comedy

Paul Julian Smith (Ph.D., Cambridge University):  Spanish and Mexican Visual Culture, Television, Film, and Media; Films of Pedro Almodovar and Guillermo del Toro