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Core II

ITCP 70020 Interactive Technology and the University: Theory, Design, and Practice
3 credits, 30 hours plus conferences and lab hours
Prerequisite: ITCP 70010

This second core course introduces students to IT in the classroom and in academic research, focusing on cognition and design. Interest areas include research in digital media; visualization and design; modes of learning within and outside the classroom; and conceptualization and production of educational media products. The course also provides a hands-on introduction to key educational uses of digital media applications, including on-line writing tools, electronic archives, and experimentation in virtual spaces. The course employs an interdisciplinary approach to the application of digital media to classroom teaching and scholarly research and presentations. Students will learn skills and concepts and then will design and plan a digital media project in their academic discipline. This course makes it possible for participating doctoral students to build on the theoretical insights gleaned in the first core course and to begin to conceive and develop an IT project in their own discipline.

Sample Projects:

Christina Nadler: Re-Write Classical Sociological Theory, Re-Shape the Discipline: A Collaborative Wiki Project for Undergraduate Classical Theory Courses

Sonia K. Gonzรกlez: Piloting a Sexual Health Smartphone Intervention to Reduce HIV Risk Among Young Latina & Black Females