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Review the ITP Workshop Descriptions below, then select the corresponding date from the Available Dates pull-down menu (above) to register for your desired workshop.
Repeat the process if you want to register for more than one event.
 Space is limited and you must sign up in advance to secure a seat. 
Workshop attendance will be taken at each session.
How to Cancel
  Please be respectful of those on the waiting list and cancel at least 48 hours in advance of the workshop.
 * If you sign-up and do not cancel at least 48 hours in advance, you will be on probation.
** If you miss two sessions without at least 48 hours advance notice, you will not be able to take any more workshops for the rest of the year. 
 To cancel, use Eventbrite OR email Sonia,, with the date and title of the workshop you will no longer be attending.

Fall 2015 ITP Skill Labs
GC Library basement, room C196.02 ~ 6:30-8:30pm
(unless otherwise stated)
Wikipedia | September 21| Michael Mandiberg
This workshop is an introduction to Wikipedia, both as a cultural phenomenon and site of intellectual, political and pedagogical intervention. We will analyze the anatomy of a page, discuss the guiding principles for this knowledge community, and learn some basic editing. No technical knowledge is necessary, though a familiarity with HTML is useful.
HTML | September 28|  Lisa Brundage
Ever wanted to learn how to code? This introductory workshop will introduce basic concpets and give you hands on experience to send you on your way to building sites. No prior html experience needed.
 Intro to Open Educational Resources: incorporating OER into your pedagogy | October 5 | Cailean Cooney
Join us for a hands-on introduction to open educational resources, free and open source research and pedagogy tools. This workshop will cover the fundamentals of OER: from definitions, it's positioning in higher education, to strategies for finding, evaluating, and incorporating existing OER into your teaching, and creating your own OER.
If you have a laptop, you are welcome to bring it so that you can practice on your own device.
WordPress I | October 19 | Laurie Hurson
Learn the basics of Wordpress to start building your own website. This introductory workshop will help you learn how to use the dashboard, pick a theme, and find plugins to improve your site. It will also cover troubleshooting Wordpress issues using the Codex and other resources.
 Scratch and Computer Science Fundamentals | October 26 | Sara Vogel
Want to learn to code but don't know where to start? Learn how computers "think!" In this workshop, participants will use Scratch, a blocks-based programming language and online community, to explore the basics of computational logic. Students will brainstorm an idea for an online maze-game and bring it to life using loops, conditionals, variables and other core CS concepts they will need to apply if they would like
to move on to other, more advanced coding environments.
Data Visualization | November 2 | Michael Mandiberg
This workshop will introduce participants to basic concepts and tools in data visualization for the humanities and social sciences. Beginning with a definition of data visualization and information design, we will explore key examples including basic line graphs and complex interactive visualizations. We will lean how to use word clouds, Google Ngrams, the Google Public Data Explorer, and map a social network with Gephi. We will emphasize learning the very basics of each of these platforms so that participants can continue to learn and explore on their own after the workshop. 
CSS & Bootstrap| November 9| Patrick Smyth
This workshop is an introduction to CSS with Bootstrap, a framework for designing sites that run smoothly on both mobile and conventional browsers. Students will install and configure a basic Bootstrap site and will learn about customization with Less and Bootswatch themes. Some familiarity with HTML will be helpful, but is not required.
GitHub | November 16 |Johanna Karlin
Does the idea of accessing the vast quantity of code available on the internet terrify and excite you? Trying to collaborate with someone else? Worried about backing up your code? Want to share it with others? If so, come learn the most basic steps of using GitHub, the web-based Git repository hosting service. This introductory level workshop will guide you through the basic structure of Git's graphical user interface (gui) and give an overview of the resources and functions available through GitHub. You will learn the basics: what a repository is, why you would use one to back up your code, and the basics of how to do so.
   ArcGIS | All day workshops on Friday October 23 or November 3 ($30) | Frank Donnelly
 Do you have a research question that you'd like to envision geographically? Maybe you'd like to study neighborhoods and businesses to target a market. Or perhaps you want to visualize the distribution of education, employment, or resources across the country or around the world. Have you ever wanted to add a map to your presentations or reports, but couldn't find one that suits your needs?
 This practicum introduces participants to geographic information systems (GIS) as a concept for envisioning information and as a tool for conducting geographic analyses and creating maps. Participants will learn how to navigate a GIS interface, how to prepare map layers and conduct a basic geographic analysis, and how to create thematic maps using the open source software QGIS.
 For more information and to register
Intro to Python | November 23 | Ian Phillips
This workshop is an introduction to coding with Python. Participants will have an opportunity to get some hands on practice and walk away with some resources to continue practicing and learning on their own. This workshop is designed for individuals that have little or no experience with Python or coding.
Photoshop | November 30 | TBD
Participants will learn basic skills such as understanding and adjusting the histogram, tonal scale, refining colors with hue/saturation, changing fill and opacity.  Then we will delve into more advanced skills such as layering and collage, burning and dodging, creating effects with blur gallery. Students are encouraged to email themselves a photo or photos they would like to work with. No prior knowledge is needed for this workshop.  

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