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Fall 2019

MSCP 70100.  Introduction to Medieval Studies.  Thursdays 11:45AM-1:45PM, Room TBA, 3 credits, Karl Steel.

This course provides a introduction to (primarily) western European cultures from the fifth through the fifteenth centuries. The course will be interdisciplinary in its material and methods, drawing primarily on literature from a variety of languages, but also engaging with art history and history more generally, as well as a range of critical theoretical approaches, including gender theory and critical animal theory. With the guiding idea of engaging Middle Ages as an Age of Reason, the course will focus on literature (especially allegory), philosophy, doctrine (and heresy), medicine and science, law, and the question of being human. 


ART 72000. Topics in Ancient Art and Architecture: Art, Materials, and Mobility in the Ancient Mediterranean. Thur, 11:45AM-1:45PM, 3 credits, Rachel Kousser.

CL 89100. History of Literary Theory & Criticism I. Wed, 4:15-6:15pm, 4 credits, Paola Ureni.

CL 80100/FRE 70500. Writing the Self. Tues, 4:15pm-6:15pm, Domna Stanton. The CL section of this course is 2,4 credits.

ENGL 80700.  Books of Marvels and Travels: The Middle Ages and Beyond. Tues, 4:15PM - 6:15PM, 2/4 credits, Steven Kruger.

HIST 72200. Mothers in Law. Mon, 11:45am-1:45pm, 3 credits, Profs. Sara McDougall and Julie Suk.