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Anna Akasoy, History
Islamic Intellectual History

Ammiel Alcalay, Comparative Literature, English
Hebrew and Jewish literature of the Middle East, in its Islamic, Levantine Arabic, and Israeli contexts

Jennifer Ball, Art History
Byzantine, Western Medieval, and Early Islamic Art; Textiles, Fashion Theory; and the study of Portraiture

Glenn Burger, English
Medieval and Scottish literature, Chaucer,medieval cultural studies, medieval east/west relations, medieval women's writing

William W. Clark, Art History
Medieval art and architecture

Cynthia Hahn, Art History
Early Christian and Byzantine Art: Islamic Art; hagiography

Eric Ivison, History
Medieval Europe; Byzantium; historical archaeology

Steven F. Kruger, English
Later Middle Ages, including Chaucer; dream vision and theory; Middle English literature; queer theory and lesbian/gay studies.

Erika T. Lin, Theatre
Early modern English theatre; embodied performance, affect, spectacle, and audience; medieval theatre, gender and sexuality, folklore and popular culture, history of dance, and Asian American studies

Sara McDougall, History
Medieval law, cultural studies, gender studies, legal history

Hyunhee Park, History
Global Intellectual History; Cross-cultural Contacts in China, East Asia, Korea, Islamic World, the Mongol Empire, Afro-Eurasia and the Atlantic World; Information/Knowledge Transfers including Geography, Cartography, and Distillation

Kristina Richardson​, History
Medieval Islamic history, Roma and Roma-affiliated “Gypsies”, Historical Linguistics, Disability

Chase F. Robinson, History
Early Islamic History

Michael G. Sargent, English.
Middle English language and literature; textual criticism; contemplative and devotional literature and the Carthusian Order.

Francesca Sautman, French
Medieval and 16th-Century Literature and Ethnology, Francophone African Literature, Cultural Studies, Gender Studies, Queer Theory

Peter Simpson, Philosophy, Classics
Ancient and medieval philosophy; moral and political philosophy

Karl Steel, English
Critical animal studies, posthumanism, eco-criticism, medieval literature

Anne Stone, Music
Medieval music manuscripts, the "ars subtilior," medieval and Renaissance notation, cultural history of music writing, relationship of song to late-medieval poetic subjectivity and autobiography

Andrew Tomasello, Music.
Sacred music; 14th- and 15th-century polyphony; manuscript studies

Paola Ureni, Comparative Literature
Dante; medieval Italian literature; medical/scientific descourses and medieval literature