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The Women's Studies Certificate Program (WSCP) is an interdisciplinary approach to research and scholarship that draws on various disciplines, while challenging disciplinary boundaries, raising new questions and offering different perspectives. The general aim of the program is to offer critical reflection on the experiences of both women and men in terms of differences of gender, sexuality, race, class, ethnicity and nation. Particular attention is paid to the conditions of women's lives and the varied forms of struggle to which these give rise. Students are prepared to teach courses and to do research in Women's Studies and related critical approaches to the disciplines. Besides focused course work and guidance in research, Women's Studies offers participation in a wide range of graduate student-faculty activities, such as lecture series and forums. Students also are invited to participate in the research programs of the Center for the Study of Women and Society.

The Women's Studies Certificate Program currently has over 160 students from 30 different programs and comprised of 86 faculty members from a wide range of programs as well. A number of students are recipients of awards and scholarships to support their participation in the Certificate Program. Further information about applying for these awards can be found on our Awards and Fellowships page.

Students who would like to join the Certificate Program should fill out the WSCP application form. This allows you to become part of our email lists and get updates and information about the program. We recommend students start Women's Studies Certificate Program coursework around the 2nd year of their PhD program. Prospective students are encouraged to stop by the office or contact Dána-Ain Davis to discuss their programs and interests.

Dana Davis

Director/Associate Professor
The Graduate Center
Room 5116.01

Phone 212-817-8905