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Abramovitz, Mimi
Affiliated Program: Social Welfare
Research Interests: Poor women, poverty and equality, welfare state theory and policy, social activism and social change. Currently directing a study funded by the United Way of NYC on the impact of welfare reform on social service agencies in New York City. Conducting research for a book on activism among poor and working-class women in the USA during the 20th century.
Alcoff, Linda Martín
Affiliated Program: Philosophy
Research Interests: 19th and 20th Century Continental Philosophy; Foucault; Feminist Epistemology; Feminist Theory; Critical Race Theory; Post-Colonial Theory.
Alexander, Meena
Affiliated Program: English
Research Interests: Poetry and poetics; Trauma, Migration and Memory; South Asian literature; Postcolonial literature (Anglophone and Francophone) ; Asian American literature; Feminism, Gender and Sexuality; Autobiography, Embodiment, Phenomenology; early English Romanticism.
Baron, Beth
Affiliated Program: History
Research Interests: Middle Eastern History, Gender History
Besse, Susan
Affiliated Program: History
Research Interests: Latin American History
Bologh, Roslyn
Affiliated Program: Sociology
Research Interests: Local and global political economic news and cultural consciousness, monistic, dialectical sociological theory of social and cultural change. Classical Sociological Theory; Political Economy (global and local) and Socio-Cultural Change (including change related to gender); Historical-Comparative sociology.
Bowen, Barbara
Affiliated Program: English
Research Interests: Feminism and materialist theory and criticism; early modern period, especially Shakespeare and women writers; postcolonial literature and theory, with particular interest in African diaspora; African-American literature; editorial board, Found Object; consultant, Women Writers Project (Brown University).
Brownstein, Rachel
Affiliated Program: English
Research Interests: Satire and the novel, especially in the 18th and 19th centuries; graphic satire in England, especially the work of James Gillray; women's writing; biography; essays and letters.
Canadé Sautman, Francesca
Affiliated Program: French
Research Interests: Medieval and 16th Century Literature and Folklore, Queer Theory, French and Francophone Cultural Studies, Historical Anthology, Folklore
Caws, Mary Ann
Affiliated Program: Comparative Literature|English|French
Research Interests:  Modernism and modernist art; comparative poetics and poetry; art and literature in America, England, and France; translation and translation theory; contemporary aesthetics; the essay; autobiography; Bloomsbury; Dada and surrealism; film studies.
Chancer, Lynn
Affiliated Program: Sociology
Research Interests: Sociology of culture, feminist theory, criminology, media and social movements.
Chris, Cynthia
Affiliated Program: 
Research Interests: media history, the regulation of "decency" in film and television, gender and sexuality, media authorship, animal studies
Clough, Patricia
Affiliated Program: Sociology
Research Interests: Feminist Theory, Social Theory and cultural criticism of science, mass media and cybertechnology.
Cole, Alyson
Affiliated Program: Political Science
Research Interests: feminist theory, politics of identity, American political culture
Cook, Blanche Wiesen
Affiliated Program: History
Research Interests: Women's History, U.S. International Relations: War, Peace, and Imperialism
Cooper, Sandi E.
Affiliated Program: History
Research Interests: Women, war and peace in the 20th century. Major texts in Women's History
Crehan, Kate
Affiliated Program: Anthropology
Research Interests: Gender, political economy, the politics of aesthetics, and the writings of Antonio Gramsci. She has carried out extensive fieldwork in Zambia and Britain.
Currah, Paisley
Affiliated Program: Political Science
Research Interests: Intersections of gender and sexuality studies, law and policy, social and political theory, LGBT and transgender studies; biopolitics, contemporary political theory, policy studies, transgender studies, and gender and the state.
Eisenstein, Hester
Affiliated Program: Sociology
Research Interests: Gender and Globalization in relation to the international women's movement
Epstein, Cynthia Fuchs
Affiliated Program: Sociology
Research Interests: Sociology of Gender theory and Practices; Sociology of Work and Occupations, Sociology of the Legal Profession, Sociology of Culture.
Fernandes, Sujatha
Affiliated Program: Sociology
Research Interests: Neoliberalism; Social Movements; Hip Hop Culture; Storytelling; Immigrant Workers; Latin America and the Caribbean
Fine, Michelle
Affiliated Program: Psychology|Urban Education
Research Interests: Participatory Action Research and Studies of Social Injustice and Resistance; Urban Education
Gibson, Mary S.
Affiliated Program: Criminal Justice|History
Research Interests:  Modern Italy; History of Crime; European Women's History
Gornick, Janet Carol
Affiliated Program: Political Science|Sociology
Research Interests: Public policy, gender - comparative social welfare policy, variation across the industrialized countries and throughout the U.S. states. Much of her work considers the effects of social policy on women's status in the labor market and on the economic well-being of families.
Halley, Jean
Affiliated Program: Anthropology|Sociology
Research Interests: Power, gender, violence, animals, race, class, and sexuality
Displaying results 1-25 (of 62)
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