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Diane Riskedahl
Position: Distinguished Lecturer
Campus Affiliation: Graduate Center
Degrees/Diplomas: PhD University of Arizona 2004
Research Interests: Language and politics, semiotic landscapes, protest rhetoric and social movements, language ideologies, interactional linguistics, narratives of migration and displacement, Lebanon, the Middle East
Subfield: Linguistic Anthropology
Diane Riskedahl is a linguistic anthropologist in the Anthropology program at the Graduate Center of the City University of New York (CUNY) who studies language practices as a key site for meaning-making in daily life. She has been engaged in long-term research in Beirut, Lebanon and has written about the relationship between language and politics, analyzing both state and civil society rhetoric with attention to political uses of historical memory, kinship metaphors, and interactions of orality and literacy. Currently, she is pursuing an ethnographic project on multilingual practices among Arab diaspora communities in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). She is particularly interested in how social interactions are multimodally co-constructed in contexts of limited shared language proficiency. She has taught courses on language and identity; media and publics; language ideology and political economy; language and migration; ethnographic fieldwork methods; and ethnographies of the Middle East. 

Selected publications:
“Transgressive Arabic discourse in Lebanese political protest. Multilingua (2021) []
“The Muslim Call to Prayer in Canada’s Pandemic Soundscape.” City & Society, Covid-19 City Dispatches. (2020) []
“Graphic Identity in the Scriptorial Landscape of Lebanon” City and Society 29(1): 127-147 (2017) 
“Lebanese Political Advertising and the Dialogic Emergence of Signs.” Pragmatics. 25(4): 535-551 (2015) 
“The Sovereignty of Kin: political discourse in post-Taif Lebanon.” Political and Legal Anthropology Review. 34:2 (2011) 
“Denial of Citizenship, Affirmation of Identity: the lived realities of Palestinian refugees in Lebanon," in Manifestations of Identity: The Lived Reality of Palestinian Refugees in Lebanon. Beirut: Institute for Palestine Studies and Institut Francais du Proche-Orient, (2010) Co-authored with Muhammad Ali Khalidi 
“A Sign of War: the strategic use of violent imagery in contemporary Lebanese political rhetoric,” Language and Communication vol. 27:3 (2007)