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Sarah Muir
Position: Assistant Professor
Campus Affiliation: City College of New York
Degrees/Diplomas: PhD University of Chicago 2011
Research Interests: Linguistic anthropology; semiotic ideologies and moral economies; narratives genres and publicity; investment and finance, social inequality and economic crisis; Argentina and Latin America
Subfield: Linguistic Anthropology
Sarah Muir is Assistant Professor of Anthropology, Gender Studies, and International Studies at The City College of New York and of Linguistic Anthropology at the Graduate Center of the City University of New York. In her work, she examines the practical logics of economic investment, ethical evaluation, and political critique, with a particular focus on social class and financial crisis. Situated at the intersection of linguistic, political-economic, and historical anthropology, her research is grounded in ethnographic fieldwork and archival research in Argentina. Her first monograph, Routine Crisis: An Ethnography of Disillusion, is forthcoming from University of Chicago Press. She is also researching a new project called Accounting for Kith and Kin: Investment and Regeneration. Her work has appeared in Comparative Studies in Society and HistoryCultural AnthropologyCurrent Anthropology, and ANUAC (Journal of the Italian Society of Cultural Anthropology). She is also the Co-Director of the Unpayable Debt working group at the Center for the Study of Social Difference at Columbia University and the principal author of the forthcoming Debt: A Global Syllabus‚Äč.