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Timothy W. Pugh
Position: Professor
Campus Affiliation: Queens College
Degrees/Diplomas: PhD SIUC 2001
Research Interests: Maya, social complexity, early urbanization, colonialism, Central America
Subfield: Archaeology

Timothy Pugh’s current archaeological research focuses upon the Petén Lakes region of Guatemala. He is examining urbanization at the site of Nixtun-Ch’ich’ and subordinate sites. His previous work at the site encountered an urban grid that appears to have been constructed between 800 and 500 BCE. It is among the earliest such grids in the Americas. Urban grids were previously unknown among the ancient Maya and the timing of this grid’s construction correlates with the emergence of “states” in the region. This urban form appears to have been an innovation of Maya elites to organize and rule the larger population. His current work at the site is seeking to more precisely define the form and chronology of the grid through intensive excavations. He is also searching for the settlement form(s) that preceded the grid’s construction. Like the implementation of the grid upon Manhattan in the 19th century, that of Nixtun-Ch’ich’ involved extensive demolition. 

In addition to early urbanization, his research in Petén examines Spanish colonialism of the Maya region. This work pays particular attention to the role of mission churches in the transformation of Maya societies as well as Maya resistance. 

Recent Grants 

2020-2024 National Science Foundation (Grant # BCS 2020668) Routes to the Rise of Social Hierarchy. 

2017-2019 National Science Foundation (Grant # BCS 1734036) An Examination of the Long Term Relationship between Urban Planning and Social Control. 


Selected Publications: 


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