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Affiliated Faculty

Adjunct Faculty and Anthropologists in other CUNY Doctoral Programs

Leslie C Aiello (PhD University of London 1981; President Emerita, Wenner-Gren Foundation for Anthropological Research; Professor Emerita, University College London) human evolution, adaptation and life history; energetics; evolution of the brain, diet, language, cognition, locomotion, and thermoregulation (

Sergio Almécija (PhD Institut Català de Paleontologia Miquel Crusafont at Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona and Universitat de Barcelona 2009; Senior Research Scientist, Division of Anthropology, American Museum of Natural History) Ape evolution, human evolution, morphometrics, evolutionary biology (

Colleen E Batey (PhD Durham 1982; Lecturer, Archeology, U Glasgow; Finds Research Manager, Arch Inst Iceland) Viking Age, Late Norse Scotland, material culture, environmental arch; North Atlantic (

Timothy G Bromage (PhD Toronto 1986; Professor, Molecular Pathobiology, NYU Coll of Dentistry) Hominid origins and life history, ecological stoichiometry, biological anthropology, mineralized tissue bio; Africa (

Andrew J. Dugmore (PhD U of Aberdeen, Scotland 1985; Professor, Geography, School of GeoSciences, U of Edinburgh) Tephrochronology; environmental change, human environment; North Atlantic ( 

Kevin J. Edwards (PhD U Aberdeen 1978; Emeritus Professor, Dept of Geography & Environment and Archeaology, U Aberdeen, Scotland and Senior Fellow, McDonald Institute for Archeological Research, U of Cambridge, England) Environmental archaeology, palynology, Norse in the North Atlantic, history of science; North Atlantic (

Ashley S. Hammond (PhD University of Missouri 2013; Assistant Curator of Biological Anthropology, Division of Anthropology, American Museum of Natural History) Paleoanthropology, Human Evolution, Functional Morphology, East Africa, primate locomotion (

Katerina Harvati (PhD CUNY 2001; Professor and Head of Paleoanthropology, University of Tuebingen) Paleoanthropology, evolutionary primatology, Neanderthals, modern human origins, paleolithic arch; Europe (

Jon H Ingimundarson (PhD Arizona 1995; Sr. Scientist, Stefansson Arctic Institute, Icleand) Cultural / historical anthropology; North Atlantic (

Laurel Kendall (PhD Columbia 1979; Curator, Dept of Anthropology, American Museum of Natural History) Cultural Anthropology, religion & ritual, gender, museum anthropology, material culture, magic; Southeast Asia (

Jeffrey Laitman (PhD Yale 1977; Professor, Cell Bio/Anatomy, Mt Sinai School of Medicine) Paleoanthropology, human anatomy and development, evolution of speech and language; Old World (

Louise A. Lamphere (PhD Harvard 1968; Distinguished Professor Emerita, Anthropology, University of New Mexico) Social Organization, kinship, urban families, political anthropology gender; Native North America, United States (

Ross MacPhee (PhD Alberta 1977; Curator, Dept of Mammalogy, American Museum of Natural History) Evolutionary primatology, comparative morphology, paleontology, paleoproteomics; Africa, Asia, Caribbean (

Colleen McCann (PhD CUNY 1995; Curator, Mammals Dept, Wildlife Conservation Society) Conservation biology, primate socioendocrinology, behav ecol; Africa, Asia (

Karen Milek (PhD, Cambridge, 2006; Lecturer, Archaeology, Aberdeen) Settlement arch, soc arch of houses, migration, Viking & Medieval ages, 18th-19th c.; N Atlantic (

A. Reg. Murphy (PhD, Calgary, 1999; Archaeologist/Director/Curator, National Parks, Antigua) Pre-Columbian societies, British military & naval arch ; Caribbean (

Anthony J Newton (PhD, Edinburgh, 1999; Teaching/Research Fellow, GeoSciences, Edinburgh U) Tephrochronology, human-environment interactions, geomorphology, internet resources; N Atlantic; Mexico (

Michael Novacek (PhD Berkeley 1978; Curator, Dept of Vertebrate Paleontology, American Museum of Natural History) Paleontology, biogeog, evolutionary primatology; North America, East Asia (

Astrid Ogilvie (PhD E Anglia 1982; Fellow, INSTAAR; Senior Scientist, Stefansson Arctic Institute; Visiting Professor, University of the Highlands and Islands) Climate & environmental change, soc & hum history of North Atlantic Arctic (

John G Robinson (PhD UNC-Chapel Hill 1977; Joan L. Tweedy Chair in Conservation Strategy, Wildlife Conservation Society) Conservation biology, behavioral ecology (

F. James Rohlf (PhD U Kansas 1962; Distinguished Professor Emeritus, Department of Ecology & Evolution, and Research Professor, Department of Anthropology, SUNY Stony Brook) Geometric morphometrics, computer applications in systematics and ecology (

Ian A. Simpson (PhD U Strathclyde 1985; Professor, Dept of Environmental Sciences, Deputy Principal-Research, U Stirling, Scotland) Geoarch, environmental history, micromorphology, site formation, early arable soils, grazing & land degradation; North Atlantic, S Asia, Sahelian Africa (

Katherine St. John (PhD UCLA 1995; Professor, Department of Computer Science, Hunter College, Department of Computer Science and Anthropology, Graduate Center) Computational biology, phylogenetic tree reconstruction algorithms, analyzing / clustering / visualizing phylogenies (

Karine Taché (PhD Simon Fraser 2008) Complex hunter-gatherers, social inequality, exchange systems, pottery technology, organic residue analysis, archaeological method/theory, Eastern Woodlands (

Ian Tattersall (PhD Yale 1971; Curator, Dept of Anthropology, American Museum of Natural History) Paleoanthropology, evolutionary primatology, primate ecology; Madagascar, Old World (

John Van Couvering (PhD Cambridge 1971; Research Associate, Department of Vertebrate Paleontology, American Museum of Natural History) Biochronology, stratigraphic geology; Africa (

Orri Vésteinsson (PhD U London 1996; Professor, Arch, U Iceland) Icelandic archaeology, history; North Atlantic (

Peter Whiteley (PhD U New Mexico 1982; Curator, Anthropology Dept, American Museum of Natural History) Society, history, polity, ritual & symbolism; Native North America (

James Woollett (PhD CUNY 2003; Asst Prof, U Laval) Arch, zooarch; E Arctic, N Atlantic (