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Emeritus Faculty


Talal Asad (PhD Oxford 1968; Distinguished Professor Emeritus) Religion and secularism, Islamic traditions, political theories; Middle East (

Arthur Bankoff (PhD Harvard 1974; Professor Emeritus) European archaeology, Old World prehistory, Near Eastern ethnography, physical anthropology, archaeological field and laboratory techniques (

Daniel Bates (PhD U Michigan 1971; Professor Emeritus) Ecological studies, economic and political anthropology; East European minority populations; Middle East (

Edward Bendix (PhD Columbia 1965; Professor Emeritus) Linguistics, sociolinguistics, semantics/pragmatics, languages in contact, creole languages; Africa and Caribbean, South Asia ( )

Leigh Binford (PhD U Connecticut 1983; Professor Emeritus) Political economy, migration & development, anthropology of violence, temporary foreign worker programs, Mexico, Central America (

Michael Blim (PhD Temple University 1987; Professor) Political economy, globalization, inequality; Southern Europe (

Kate Crehan (PhD University of Manchester 1986; Professor Emeritus) Gramsci, political economy, gender, development, public anthropology, aesthetics; Southern Africa (

Warren DeBoer (PhD Berkeley 1972; Professor Emeritus) Ethnoarchaeology; South America (

Edward Hansen (PhD Michigan 1969; Professor Emeritus) Ethnology, anthropology of business, social stratification; Europe, Latin America, US (

Gregory Johnson (PhD Michigan 1972; Professor Emeritus) Complex societies, quantitative analysis; Near East (

Maria Lagos (PhD Columbia 1988; Professor Emerita) Cultural anthropology, political economy, gender and ethnic relations; Latin America Andean region (

Susan H Lees (PhD U Michigan 1970; Professor Emerita) Cultural anthropology, human ecology, economic anthropology,religion; Mesoamerica, North America, Middle East (

Shirley Lindenbaum (MA U Sydney 1970, Doctor of Letters, U Melbourne 2016; Professor Emerita) Ethnology, medical anthropology, symbolism; Oceania, Bangladesh (

Sally McLendon (PhD UC Berkeley 1966; Professor Emerita) Linguistics, narrative analysis, ethnohistory; material culture, redocumenting museum collections, exhibits; North American Indian peoples (

Joan Mencher (PhD Columbia 1958; Professor Emerita) Cultural anthropology, environment and sustainable agriculture, gender, development, socio-economic development; South Asia (

James A. Moore (PhD U Mass 1981; Professor Emeritus) Historical arch, Constructing New England’s 19th-century capitalist landscape, cemeteries as social maps (

John Oates (PhD U London 1974; Professor Emeritus) Primate ecology and conservation biology, with a special focus on African rainforests; zoogeography and evolution of African mammals; West Africa, India (

Burton Pasternak (PhD Columbia 1967; Professor Emeritus) Social organization, ecology; China

Alfred L. Rosenberger (PhD CUNY 1979; Professor Emeritus) Primate evolution, New World monkeys; New World, South and Central America (

Jane Schneider (PhD U Michigan 1965; Professor Emerita) Political economy, material culture, social movements; Mediterranean, Europe (

Gerald Sider (PhD New School for Social Research 1971; Professor Emeritus) Historical anthropology of capital/class/culture in North Atlantic, production of race/state; North America (

Arthur K. Spears (PhD UCSD 1977, Presidential Professor Emeritus) Linguistic anthropology/sociocultural linguistics; grammatical analysis; language contact and  pidgins/creoles; White supremacy and anti-Blackness; African American English; Haitian Creole (

Sara Stinson (PhD Michigan 1978; Professor Emerita) Human growth/development, human adaptation, nutritional anthropology; South America (

Frederick Szalay (PhD Columbia 1967; Professor Emeritus) Evolutionary theory, evolutionary history and morphology of fossil and living primates, mammalian systematics

Katherine Verdery (PhD Stanford University 1977; Professor Emerita) Property relations, socialism & postsocialism, ideological processes; Eastern Europe (

Diana DiZerega Wall (PhD NYU, 1987; Professor Emerita) Historic and urban archaeology, ethnohistory, archaeology of gender; American Culture (