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The Anthropology Program at the Graduate Center draws its faculty from across the CUNY system. There are currently over 50 active, fulltime faculty members representing 10 different CUNY campuses, supported by a rich collection of emeritus professors, many of whom continue to participate substantively in student training, and a broad set of adjunct/affiliated faculty from a variety of prestigious institutions. The fulltime doctoral faculty includes members who teach only at the Graduate Center as well as others who teach at both the Graduate Center and another CUNY campus. Additional anthropologists in the CUNY system also participate in the doctoral program in diverse ways. For a fuller profile of faculty resources in the CUNY system, see the websites of CUNY anthropology departments.

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Asad, Talal
Religion and secularism, Islamic traditions, political theories; Middle East
Baden, Andrea
Molecular ecology, sociobiology, primate reproductive strategies, cooperative breeding, sexual selection and conservation biology
Bankoff, H. Arthur
European archaeology, Old World prehistory, Near Eastern ethnography, physical anthropology, archaeological field and laboratory techniques
Bauer, Alexander A.
Trade & interaction, material culture, semiotics, cultural heritage, Near East, Eurasia
Binford, Leigh
Political economy, migration & development, anthropology of violence, Mexico, Central America
Blim, Michael
Political economy, globalization, inequality; Southern Europe
Bornstein, Avram
Violence, policing, work, borders; Israel-Palestine
Brown, Jacqueline Nassy
Diaspora and transnationalism; race, place and space; Black identities: U.S. and Britain
Cavanaugh, Jillian R.
Language ideology, language shift/social change, gender, materiality, Italy, Europe
Checker, Melissa
Environmental justice, urban political ecology, social movements, US
Chester, Stephen
Origins and early evolution of primates, primate supraordinal relationships, evolutionary morphology of mammals, mammalian responses to climate change
Collins, John
Nationalism, historical anthropology, semiotics, political economy, racial theory, economic anthropology; Latin America, Brazil, Andes, Cuba
Crapanzano, Vincent
Symbolic and interpretive anthropology, ethno-psychology, anthropology and literature, theories of interpretation, anthropology of law, religion; North Africa, South Africa, US
Creed, Gerald
Political economy, rural identity, nationalism, community, family, ritual; Eastern Europe
Crehan, Kate
Gramsci, political economy, gender, development, public anthropology, aesthetics; Southern Africa
Davis, Dana-Ain
Poverty policy, feminist theory, public anthropology, urban political economy, US
Delson, Eric
Paleoanthropology, primate paleontology, morphology, systematics and evolution; Old World
Edelman, Marc
Economic and political anthropology, historical anthropology, social movements, development; Latin America
García-Colón, Ismael
History, political economy, U.S. colonialism, migration, Latin America, the Caribbean, and U.S. Latinas/os
Gilbert, Christopher
Primate evolution, systematics, biogeography, Africa
Halliburton, Murphy
Medical anthropology, anthropology of science, cross-cultural psychiatry, ayurvedic medicine, intellectual property; South Asia
Harcourt-Smith, William
Paleoanth, hum evol, hominin postcran morphol & funct anat, primate locomotion, hominoid paleoecol, geomet morphomet, skeletal var; Old World
Harvey, David
Cultural anthropology, urbanization, environment, political economy, geography and social theory; advanced capitalist countries
Johnson, Gregory
Complex societies, quantitative analysis; Near East
Lennihan, Louise
Political economy of agrarian societies, development, historical anthropology; Africa
Limbert, Mandana
Modernity, religion, gender, historical anthropology; Middle East & Indian Ocean
Low, Setha M.
Anthropology of space and place, medical anthropology, urban anthropology; Latin America, United States, cities of Western Europe
Madimenos, Felicia
Human biology, reproductive ecology, skeletal biology, market integration, indigenous health, Amazonian Ecuador
Makihara, Miki
Political economy of language, ethnography of speaking, conversation analysis; Polynesia, the Pacific
Maskovsky, Jeff
Globalization, difference & inequality, social movements, urban political economy; US
Mathews-Salazar, Patricia D.
Human rights, women and Indian resurgence, cultural heritage, tourism and globalization; Latin America, Andean region
McGovern, Thomas
Climatic impacts, zoo-archaeology, paleoeconomy, human dimensions of global change; North Atlantic Islands, Eastern Arctic
McNeil, Cameron L.
Maya, gender, histor ecol, archaeobotany; Mesoamerica
Moore, James A.
European prehistory, historical arch, gatherer-hunter studies; Eastern North America, Ireland
Mullings, Leith
Globalization, urbanism, medical anthropology, gender, race, ethnicity, social movements; United States urban populations, Africa
Parry, William
Hunters and gatherers, lithic technology; American Southwest, Mesoamerica
Pechenkina, Ekaterina
Paleopathology, paleodietary reconstruction, health & demography, Andean prehistory; Northern China
Perdikaris, Sophia
Zooarchaeology, environmental studies; Northern Atlantic, Europe
Petersen, Glenn
Political economy, social theory; Oceania
Plummer, Thomas
Pliocene and Pleistocene hominid paleoecology and behavior, hominid paleontology, human osteology; East Africa
Pontzer, Herman
Hum evolution, biomechanics, energetics, primate ecomorphology, Dmanisi, Georgia
Pugh, Timothy W.
Maya, ethnohistory, ritual, architecture, social complexity, cultural contact; Central Amer
Raaum, Ryan L.
Population genetics, human molecular variation, phylogeography, primate phylogenetics, molecular systematics; Africa, Middle East, Indian Ocean rim
Reyes, Angela
Sociolinguistics, race/ethnicity, youth, Asian Americans, US
Robotham, Donald
Postcolonialism, multiple modernities, work; the Caribbean and West Africa
Rosenberger, Alfred L.
Primate evolution, New World monkeys; New World, South and Central America
Rothman, Jessica
Primate ecology and behavior, nutrition, evolutionary ecology, Old World Monkeys, Apes; Africa
Salamandra, Christa
Media, visual culture, heritage, urban studies, Middle East
Sanford, Victoria
Human rights, international humanitarian law, genocide, video ethnography, critical theory, race and gender in the Americas, displacement, child soldiers; Guatemala, Colombia, South Africa
Shannon, Jonathan
Aesthetics, ethnomusicology, modernity, food; Middle East, Mediterranean
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