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The Anthropology Program at the Graduate Center draws its faculty from across the CUNY system. There are currently over 50 active, fulltime faculty members representing 10 different CUNY campuses, supported by a rich collection of emeritus professors, many of whom continue to participate substantively in student training, and a broad set of adjunct/affiliated faculty from a variety of prestigious institutions. The fulltime doctoral faculty includes members who teach only at the Graduate Center as well as others who teach at both the Graduate Center and another CUNY campus. Additional anthropologists in the CUNY system also participate in the doctoral program in diverse ways. For a fuller profile of faculty resources in the CUNY system, see the websites of CUNY anthropology departments.

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Skurski, Julie
Nationalism, race, gender, anthropology and history, popular religion, Latin America, Caribbean, Atlantic studies
Spears, Arthur K.
Sociolinguistics, Pidgin and Creole languages, language and ideology, African-American English, Haitian; Carribean, Latin America
Stefan, Vincent H.
Forensic anthropology, human evolution, human osteology, paleoanthropology, quantitative methods, Polynesian / Easter Island skeletal biology; Oceania
Steiper, Michael E.
Genetics, DNA, phylogenetics, population genetics, primates, hominoids, malaria, molecular clocks
Strassler, Karen
Photo/image/visual anthropology, media/technology/material culture, memory & history, Indonesia, Southeast Asia
Susser, Ida
Medical anthropology; contemporary United States studies, urban political economy, gender; Southern Africa, US
Swedell, Larissa
Primate ecology, primate social behavior, hamadryas baboons; Ethiopia, Africa
Taché, Karine
Complex hunter-gatherers, social inequality, exchange systems, pottery technology, organic residue analysis, archaeological method/theory, Eastern Woodlands
Tovar, Patricia
Gender, armed conflict, human rights, race, indigeneity. Latin America, US
Verdery, Katherine
Property relations, socialism & postsocialism, ideological processes; Eastern Europe
Wall, Diana di Zerega
Historic and urban archaeology, ethnohistory, archaeology of gender; American Culture
Wilder, Gary
French empire, colonial state, hist anth, soc/pol theory; W Africa, Antilles, Eur
Williams, Bianca C.
Displaying results 51-63 (of 63)
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