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Fall 2000 - "Vikings at CUNY" Seminar Series

"Vikings at CUNY"

Fall 2000

We have a major "Vikings at CUNY" seminar series coming up Dec. 5th and 6th. We will have 8 scholars from Canada, UK, Iceland, and Norway as well as our local CUNY Viking scholars presenting a series of papers at Brooklyn College (Dec. 5th) and at the American Museum of Natural History (Dec. 6th).

These are all members of the NABO (North Atlantic Biocultural Organization) cooperative

Viking Conference, Tuesday, December 5, 2000

Conference Location: Gold Room
Reception Location: Penthouse

10:00 am. Opening remarks - Sophia Perdikaris
10:05 am Brooklyn College - Dean R. Pizer
10:20 am. Wolfe Foundation - Bob Viscusi
10:40 am. Dept. of Anthropology and Archaeology - Arthur Bankoff
10:50 am. Conference opening - President C. Kimmich

11:00 am. Vikings, NABO and CUNY - Tom McGovern
11:00 am. Raiders and Traders: a view from Norway - Christian Keller
12:00 noon Stockfish, Barley and Chieftains - Sophia Perdikaris
12:30 pm. LUNCH BREAK
1:30 pm Colonizing the British Isles - Coleen Batey
2:10 pm The Creation of Society in Viking Age Iceland- Orri Vesteinsson
2:50 pm Fire, ice, earth and wind; Vikings and landscape change in Iceland - Andrew Dugmore
3:30 pm Icebergs in the Mist: Sagas, Skalds and Climate Research - Astrid Ogilvie
4:00 pm Myths and Facts about Vikings in America - Birgita Wallace