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Fall 2002 - NYCEP Colloquia

Fall 2002 New York Consortium in Evolutionary Primatology

All talks will be held at the CUNY Graduate Center, 365 Fifth Avenue (34-35th Streets). NOTE: Some form of ID is required to enter the building.

For questions or to make reservations for post-consortium dinner please contact Eric Delson (212-769-5992).

Thursday, 9/26
6:30 pm
Room 9206 (9th floor)

Dr. Andrew Sillen, University of Cape Town

"Bones of Retention: Reconstructing habitat preference and individual life-history using 87Sr/86Sr in hominid and faunal skeletons from the Pleistocene site of Swartkrans"

Thursday, 10/24
6:30 pm
Room 9100 (9th floor)

Dr. Laura MacLatchy, Boston University

"The Early Miocene Record from Uganda: A different window into primate evolution"

Thursday, 11/14
6:30 pm
Room 9100 (9th floor)

Dr. Gary Swergold, Columbia University Medical School

"Tracing the LINEs of Hominoid Evolution"

Thursday, 12/5
6:30 pm
Room 9205 (9th floor)

Dr. Carol Ward, University of Missouri

"Newest Evidence of Earliest Human Ancestors"