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Faculty Book: Marc Edelman and Angelique Haugerud, editors

Marc Edelman and Angelique Haugerud, editors

Anthropology of Development and Globalization: From Classical  Political Economy to Contemporary Neoliberalism
(Blackwell Publishing, 2004; 416 pp.)

In this new collection of readings, scholars investigate a field newly animated by theories of globalization, modernity, cultural hybridity, and transnationalism. Providing a comprehensive overview of a subject that ranges from classical origins to today's debates on the "magic" of the free market, the volume explores a variety of incisive questions concerning the nature of "development." Is it a powerful vision of a better life for the half of the world's population who subsist on two dollars a day? Or is it a failed Enlightenment legacy, an oppressive "master narrative"? Readings include commentary on traditional texts from Weber, Marx, and Engels, as well as contemporary works on the politics of development knowledge, consumption, environment, gender, international NGO networks, the International Monetary Fund, campaigns to reform the World Bank, the collapse of socialism, and the limits of "post-developmentalism." Explicitly designed for teaching, Anthropology of Development and Globalization mingles historical, cultural, political, and economic perspectives with a variety of theoretical approaches in a single volume. Edelman is a professor of anthropology at The Graduate Center and Hunter College.

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Submitted on: JAN 24, 2005

Category: Anthropology | Faculty Books