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Faculty Book: David Harvey

David Harvey

Paris, Capital of Modernity
(Routledge, 2003; 372 pp.)

This major work by David Harvey, distinguished professor of anthropology, earth and environmental sciences, and history at The Graduate Center, locates the emergence of modernity, as it is commonly understood, in a particular place and time—Paris, between the failed revolutions of 1848 and 1871. During these days of the "Second Empire," Baron Hausmann orchestrated the physical overhaul of Paris, creating the grand boulevards that dominate the city today. Just as importantly, the era saw the rise of a new form of capitalism, dominated by high finance and the beginnings of modern consumer culture. Harvey provides a sweeping panoramic account of this pivotal era—generously illustrated with political cartoons, photographs, and maps—that will stand as a definitive history of the emergence of a modern city. "David Harvey is perhaps the most important urban scholar writing in the English language, and here he is at his best."—Thomas Bender, author of The Unfinished City.

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Submitted on: SEP 30, 2003

Category: Anthropology | Earth and Environmental Sciences | Faculty Books | History