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Faculty Book: Jane C. Scheider

Jane C. Scheider and Peter T. Schneider

Reversible Destiny: Mafia, Antimafia, and the Struggle for Palermo
(University of California Press, 2003; 340 pp.)

Succinctly written and intelligently illustrated, Reversible Destiny traces for the first time the history of the Sicilian mafia from its nineteenth-century roots right up to its twentieth-century involvement in urban real estate and construction as well as drugs. The issues facing Sicily's multi-faceted antimafia efforts—the capacity for the mafia to reproduce its subculture of violence through time, its dense connection of political and financial protectors, and the sad reality that repressing it can harm vulnerable communities—are described and documented in the clear-eyed, non-idealistic fashion that have become the Schneiders' standard and made them authorities in the field. Jane C. Schneider is professor of anthropology at The Graduate Center; Peter T. Schneider is professor of sociology at Fordham University.

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Submitted on: MAR 13, 2003

Category: Anthropology | Faculty Books