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Andy Zhenzhou Tan
Institution: The Graduate Center, CUNY
Program: Anthropology
Subfield: Linguistic Anthropology

Research Interests: Social differentiation and stratification, interaction between social groups, new media technology, education, intellectual/elite, (post-)socialism, China

Advisor: Sarah Muir 

I came to anthropology by way of literary studies and philosophy. Anthropology welds together my interests, in my trajectory as a first-generation college student, in non-fiction writing, and in language and human interactions in general. Anthropology lets me envision a career not only of speaking and writing about and for, but also of (inter-)acting with, the kinds of people I have linked together with my own trajectory from a small town in Southwest China, via Beijing, to New York. I have written about the ideology-informed interactions between migrant workers, students, and intellectuals in a labour protest in South China. I am currently designing a research project on livestream education/dual-teacher pedagogy (直播网课/双师教学) as a potential equalizer in the underdeveloped Southwest China. The questions I ask range from "How do students experience social differences in livestream classrooms?" to "What are the roles of the state, the society, and corporations in complicating and addressing educational inequalities?". Besides my student life, I am making a foray into labour activism in New York City. To not let my old professional skills lie idle, I also write film (mostly anime) reviews and translate between Mandarin, English, and French on an irregular basis.