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Marlene Park Memorial Fellowship Established

At a symposium held in Fall 2011 in honor of the late Prof. Marlene Park, it was announced that a fellowship fund earmarked for students embarking on dissertation projects in American art has been established. Prof. Park began teaching in the Ph.D. Program in Art History in spring 1980 and taught a variety of courses in American art on a regular basis, serving in an administrative capacity as well, until her retirement a decade ago. 
Contributors to the fund include:

Jefferson Adams
Mr. and Mrs. John B. Adams
Mr. and Mrs. Howard Allen
Michelle Amaral
Dana Anderson
Margaret Eakins Barnes
Catherine Bentley
Bridget O. Braun
Sandra Butler
Warren Campbell
Mr. & Mrs. Christopher S. Campbell
Linda Charman
Conner Rosenkranz 
Gillian Culff
Gina M. D’Angelo
Jack Davison
Sylvia and Jerome Deck
John Dizikes
Lee M. Edwards
Beth Evans
Carolyn I. Evans
Russell A. Flinchum
Barbara Foss
Marsha Fullmer
Judith Gee
Denise German
Martha Gershun
Elisabeth Gitter
Mr. and Mrs. Walter Goldfrank
John A. Gose
Elizabeth Hill
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Hollander
Jane Hovde
Robert L. Johnson
Daniel Kaiser
John Kallop
Libby Kane
Susan Larkin
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Lauinger
Ann Lee
Valerie Leeds
Brandi F.Levine
Gerald Markowitz
Meg McPartlin
Angela Moger
Kate Phillips
Millicent Pinckert
Francis Randall
Michael Ray
Jane Reckart
Suzanne Seeley
William Shullenberger
William South
Evelyn Strauss
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Thnay-Hu
Sylvia Thompson
Rolph Townshend
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Wentworth
Mr. and Mrs. William Zachmeier

Submitted on: JUN 30, 2012

Category: Art History