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Faculty Book: Claire Bishop

Claire Bishop, ed.

Double Agent
(Institute of Contemporary Arts, 2009)

Double Agent is the exhibition catalogue for London’s Institute of Contemporary Arts exhibition which ran from February 14 to April 6, 2008, featuring international artists Pawel Althamer, Phil Collins, Dora GarcĂ­a, Joe Scanlan, Christoph Schlingensief, Barbara Visser, Donelle Woolford, and Artur Zmijewski. The works of these artists raise questions of performance and authorship, and particularly the issues that arise when the artist is no longer the central agent in his or her own work, but instead operates through a range of individuals, communities, and surrogates. Double Agent explores the ethics of performance and representation, including the power relations involved in the use of non-professional subjects. Claire Bishop is associate professor of art history at the Graduate Center.

Submitted on: MAR 31, 2009

Category: Art History | Faculty Books