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Faculty Book: Laurie Schneider Adams

Laurie Schneider Adams

The Making and Meaning of Art
(Prentice Hall, 2006)

bookcoverThis first edition volume is intended for one-quarter or one semester courses that introduce students to the visual arts and art history. The author asks students to consider how art is created and defined using the words of contemporary artists themselves, and she helps them understand that art is not only located in museums but is an integral part of their own everyday lives. The book is divided into six parts: creating and defining works of art; purposes of art; the artist’s visual language; two-dimensional media and techniques of art; three-dimensional media and techniques; and art in history. Prentice Hall can provide, at an additional cost, an array of resources aimed at instructors and/or students using this text. Print resources include the Instructor’s Manual and Test Item File, and a Study Guide. Digital resources include the Prentice Hall Digital Art Library; a Discovering Art CD-ROM; a free access companion website for students which has study materials and quizzes they can take; a Prentice Hall Test Generator on CD-ROM which makes it easy for instructors to put a test together; and Vango Notes (going live in summer 2007) which provides chapter reviews in downloadable mp3 format. Laurie Schneider Adams is a professor of art history at John Jay College of Criminal Justice and The Graduate Center.

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Submitted on: SEP 24, 2006

Category: Art History | Faculty Books