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Faculty Book: Raquel Chang-Rodríguez

Raquel Chang-Rodríguez

La palabra y la pluma en 'Primer nueva corónica y buen gobierno'
(Pontificia Universidad Catolica del Peru, 2005; 205 pp.)

bookcoverIn her latest wide-ranging study, Chang-Rodríguez offers an intriguing, in-depth exploration of an illustrated chronicle completed by Felipe Guaman Poma de Ayala in 1615. Using an interdisciplinary approach, the author elucidates the text and stresses the unique ability of Guaman Poma de Ayala (a native Andean historian) to combine words and images to depict his legacy. Chang-Rodríguez explores such legal and social debates as the rights of conquest, the position of the native population, the clash of traditions, and the qualifications of colonial administrators in the viceroyalty of Peru. Raquel Chang-Rodriguez is a distinguished professor of Hispanic and Luso-Brazilian literatures and languages at City College and The Graduate Center.

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Submitted on: DEC 1, 2005

Category: Hispanic and Luso-Brazilian Literatures and Languages