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Friends of Art History

The Ph.D. Program in Art History relies on the generous contributions of alumni and friends. Their support helps to fund student fellowships, travel funds, and programs, enabling us to educate and train the next generation of art historians and museum curators. Please consider supporting the Ph.D. Program in Art History by contributing online or mailing in this form.

Recent Donors 
AXA Foundation
Dr. Margaret Betz
Dr. Elizabeth Boone
Mr. and Mrs. Graham Bryce
Dr. Susan N. Chevlowe
Dr. Gina D’Angelo
Dr. Katherine Doyle
Dr. Susan H. Edwards
Dr. Gabrielle Esperdy
Dr. Trudie Grace
Ann and Arthur Grey Foundation
Dr. Cecelia Grossman
Dr. Brian Hack
Dr. Mary Anne Hunting
Dr. Mitchell Kahan
Dr. Deborah Lewittes
Dr. Hayes Peter Mauro
Dr. Kevin D. Murphy and Ms. Mary Anne Caton
Dr. William Park
Dr. Majorie Pearson
Dr. Patricia Phagan    
Dr. Caterina Y. Pierre
Dr. Matthew Postal
Dr. Jeannette Redensek
Dr. Naomi Rosenblum
Dr. Jeanette Sanger
Dr. Jacqueline and Mr. Daniel P. Serwer
Stainman Family Foundation                                    
Dr. Sarah and Dr. Albert Webster
Dr. Laurie Wilson
Dr. Judith Wolfe