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Academic Requirements - Licensure Track (Post Bachelor's Degree)

Each student is expected to satisfactorily complete:

  • 97 credit curriculum completed over a four-year period

  • First Examination (written examination administered between first and second semesters of year 2)

  • Internship practicum final examination

  • Second Examination (oral evaluation administered during the spring semester of year 3)

  • At least 1,820 clinical contact hours through at least 3 semesters of supervised internship (on-site) clinical practicum followed by 3 semesters of externship (off-site) clinical practicum followed by a full-time supervised 12-month Audiology residency (off-site)

  • Completion of a Capstone Project including a written paper and a poster presentation of the project.  Final projects can have a wide range varying from retrospective studies, to survey research, to outcomes assessment, normative studies, evaluation of current practice patterns, or a Meta analysis of data on intervention studies.  The Capstone project may or may not include human subjects.

Upon graduation, each degree candidate qualifies for New York State licensure and national certification. 


Satisfactory Academic Progress

An Au.D. student is deemed to be making satisfactory progress if he or she:  

  • has completed 44 credits and has passed the First Examination

  • has a grade point average of at least 3.00

  • has completed the degree in four years

  • has accumulated no more than two open grades (“INC,” “INP,” “NGR,” “ABS,” and “ABP”) 

  • has received a B or better in all sections of AUD 790 - Audiology Practicum and AUD 799 - Audiology Residency

GC Student Handbook

Academic Requirements - Non-Licensure Track (Post Master's Degree)

  • 31 credit curriculum beyond the master’s degree in audiology completed over a four-year period

    • Three (3) required courses and eight (8) elective courses largely split between the Graduate Center, Brooklyn, and Hunter College (Brookdale) campuses.
  • To accommodate working clinicians for whom the Program has the greatest appeal, courses are generally offered in the late afternoon and evenings. It is anticipated that most students will take courses on a part-time basis.

  • Only matriculated Graduate Center doctoral student can enroll in CUNY Au.D. classes.

  • Completion of a Capstone Project including a written paper and a poster presentation of the project. Final projects can have a wide range varying from retrospective studies, to survey research, to outcomes assessment, normative studies, evaluation of current practice patterns, or a meta-analysis of data on intervention studies. The Capstone Project may or may not include human subjects.

Satisfactory Academic Progress

An Au.D. student is deemed to be making satisfactory progress if he or she:  

  • has a grade point average of at least 3.00

  • has accumulated no more than two open grades (“INC,” “INP,” “NGR,” “ABS,” and “ABP”) 

GC Student Handbook

Student Resources

Student Suggestions, Comments, or Complaints
Minority Student Services
Students with Special Needs
Day Care Service
Health Services
Housing Services
Copying Services
Professional Development Seminars
Financial Aid Notification

Additional Helpful Student Links:

Financial Aid
The Graduate Center Wellness Center
Software at discounted prices at the CUNY e-mall.
The Graduate Center Student Handbook
Avoiding and Detecting Plagiarism
Graduate Center Virtual Bookstore
Student Health Insurance and Selected Resources: a Guide
Doctoral Student Council
Doctoral Student Council Popular Forms
Praxis Exam (Graduate Center's Praxis Code:  0201)
Zotero Software: A new approach for collection, managing, and citing academic sources

Graduate Center Awards- Doctoral Student Research Grant Competition: Doctoral students who have completed one year of doctoral study at the Graduate Center may be eligible to apply for: The Irwin H. Polishook Doctoral Scholarship Award (formerly named the Belle Zeller Scholarship Award) ($4,000 for the academic year):

Student Suggestions, Comments, or Complaints

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Minority Student Services

The Office of Educational Opportunity and Diversity Programs (OEODP) sponsors academic support programs designed to promote the success of minority doctoral students in their fields of study and to prepare promising undergraduates for graduate study. OEODP offers pre-application information for potential applicants; assists doctoral applicants with the application process; provides fellowship information to applicants and enrolled students; and participates in, as well as sponsors, events that enhance an enrolled student's academic experience. For more information, please visit the OEODP website.

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Students with Special Needs

The Graduate Center serves the needs of a growing number of students with disabilities. Adaptive equipment and computer software is available at The Graduate Center for the use of students with visual and hearing impairments. The Graduate Center provides readers, sign-language interpreters, note takers, scribes, and other auxiliary services as needed. For information, contact the Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs Coordinator (Mr. Matthew G. Schoengood) for persons with disabilities (365 Fifth Avenue) 1-212-817-7400, room 7301.02. Inquiries from applicants and prospective applicants are encouraged and will be kept confidential upon request.

For more information, please visit:

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Day Care Service

The Child Development and Learning Center is open to pre-school children ( between two-and-a-half and six years old) of students enrolled in The Graduate Center. For more information, please contact the center director Ms. Linda Perrotta: Room: 3201; phone: 1-212-817-7032.

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Health Services

The Wellness Center provides Student Health and Psychological Counseling and Adult Development Services. For more information, please visit the website.

Or visit: Room: 6422; Phone: 1-212-817-7020

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Housing Services

The GC Housing Office will be opening up the Graduate Center Apartments in the Fall of 2011. Click here for more information.

The Office of Residence Life provides off campus housing information and consulting services for students.

The Office of Residence Life Contact Information
Room: 7118; Phone: 1-212-817-7480; Fax: 1-212-817-1625;

Click here to download "The Apartment Finder's Guide" provided by the Office of Resident Life, which includes useful information about how to find an appropriate housing in New York.

The information provided here is by a current student in Developmental Psychology.

Copying Services

On Campus
Photocopy machines are available for use by students in the Mina Rees Library for 10 cent per page (lower rate when you buy a $20 copy card.) Be aware of the copyright laws before xeroxing.

Off Campus

Staples: 16 East 34th Street (Between Fifth and Madison Ave)

Kinkos: 191 Madison Ave (Between 34th and 35th Street)

Village Copy (24 hrs): 25 West 43rd St

GENIE Instant Printing Center: 37 West 43rd St.(Between 5th & 6th avenues)

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The Graduate Center has partnered with the credentials management service, Interfolio Inc., to offer current and former students a more efficient and effective way of managing dossier files. This partnership will offer online storage and access to dossier materials, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Interfolio is an excellent way to store and deliver materials to an academic committee. Student credentials will be sent out in a professional package that comes with its own customized cover sheet. Robust technological safeguards keep documents private and safe. Interfolio has a partnership with the Inside Higher Ed that will enable students to apply for jobs electronically, via Inside Higher Ed, at no charge.

Letters of recommendation can either be submitted electronically to Interfolio on behalf of your students or submitted to the Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs, who, in turn, will forward to Interfolio.  In addition, recommenders will have access to all letters that have been uploaded in Interfolio. Original documents may be easily retrieved so that you can edit and update them.

We are excited about Interfolio and we hope that you will take advantage of this new service that we are providing. For more information about Interfolio, I encourage you to visit their website:

Should you have any questions, please call the Office of Student Affairs, 212-817-7400.

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Professional Development Seminars ( e.g. teaching)

Students may register online for these course, they are listed in the course schedule under "Professional Development". Course numbers and registration codes are listed below. The courses are 0 credits and do not appear on student transcripts; they are free of charge and open to all matriculated doctoral students at the Graduate Center.

Student Academy of Audiology

Our Mission Statement:

The Student Academy of Audiology (SAA) is the national student organization of the American Academy of Audiology (AAA) that serves as a collective voice for students and advances the rights, interests, and welfare of students pursuing careers in audiology. The SAA introduces students to lifelong involvement in activities that promote and progress the profession of audiology, and provides services, information, education, representation and advocacy for the profession and the public we serve.

President- Elvera Bader
Vice President- Theresa Bartolodus
Secretary- Brit Boyarski
Treasurer- Alex Petraru
Philanthropy- Talia Meisel
Social Committee- Talia Meisel
Website Manager and Event Tech Support- Aaron Kransnick

Please follow this link to our official webpage:

Related Links

Important Professional Links for Students

American Academy of Audiology:

ASHA Student Section:

Audiology Online ( offers a library of online learning courses. Audiology Online will provide AuD students with unlimited access to their online library including recorded courses and text-based articles. The code for our program is AO8833.

Protocol for capstone project involving research : For detailed descriptions of policies, meeting dates, and application forms click here.

Articles Relating to the Audiology Profession

"The Day the Music Died": The New York Times, July 12, 2007"

American Auditory Society Graduate Student Complimentary Journal Subscription Application for Ear & Hearing

Audiology ( is one of nine health care fields included in the list of "31 careers with bright futures" in the annual careers issue of US News and World Report, 2008. Each of the careers, including audiology "offers strong outlooks and high job satisfaction," according to the report.

  • Audiologist

  • Dentist

  • Genetic counselor

  • Occupational therapist

  • Optometrist

  • Pharmacist

  • Physician assistant

  • Registered nurse

  • School psychologist

Loop Systems for the Hearing Impaired: Their Virtues

Please click on link below to read NY Science Times article: "A Hearing Aid That Cuts Out All the Clatter"

What to do to Combat Hearing Loss

TODAY's host Matt Lauer takes a hearing test and discovers surprising results. In addition, Jim McDade, a man with hearing loss, shows his invisible hearing aids, and Dr. Shelley Borgia talks about how small today's hearing aids are compared to older versions.

Click on link below to view video: