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Research Techniques in Biochemistry I and II

Ph.D. Program in Biochemistry

This sequence of courses is aimed at introducing first year graduate students in biochemistry to biochemical experimentation, and acquainting them with several research groups, which they may ultimately consider joining to undertake their Ph.D. thesis research.

During the course of one year, students should pass through three or four laboratories depending on the student’s interest and availability of laboratory placements. Before initiating the first rotation, the student must see the coordinator for their College campus (see Course Listings). Students are encouraged to work with any faculty members of the Ph.D. Program in Biochemistry irrespective of the faculty member’s college affiliation. If the student wants to learn a technique or gain experience in an area of biochemistry that is not available in the Program, the coordinator can approve and make arrangements for a rotation through any other research laboratory. The coordinator in consultation with the student should determine the schedule of rotations. The coordinator should make the arrangements with the participating faculty. Although a minimum of eight hours per week is required for each four-credit course, it is more reasonable to schedule two days per week.

After completing a rotation, the student must submit a written report that should consist of an introduction, including a statement about the research problem, a description of experiments, a presentation of results, including the treatment of data and a discussion. The report grade will be submitted by the coordinator as the course grade. If students are unable to complete a rotation by the end of the semester a grade of “Incomplete” will be assigned temporarily.