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Amy E. Ikui
molecular targets of Cyclin-Cdk, and the biological importance of the new cyclin targets in S. cerevisiae.
Anuradha Janakiraman
Andrzej Jarzecki
computational biochemistry; heavy metal poisoning.
David Jeruzalmi
DNA replication, DNA repair, ABC and AAA ATPases, Macromolecular complexes, X-ray crustallography.
Xinyin Jiang
Nutritional biochemistry, One carbon metabolism, Nutrigenetics and Nutrigenomics, Maternal and child health
Andrei Jitianu
Bioinorganic chemistry, metal enzymes, and drug delivery.
George John
Molecular assemblies/biomaterials
Laura Juszczak
protein aggregation; drug development for pathological protein aggregation diseases; protein aggregation at metal surfaces.
Akira Kawamura
natural products chemistry and chemical proteomics.
Edward J. Kennelly
biologically active phytochemicals from medicinal plants.
Reza Khayat
virus-host interaction; macromolecular machines; structural biology.
Frida Kleiman
the molecular basis of the transcription-coupled repair process and how these interactions regulate gene expression after DNA damage.
Lawrence Kobilinsky
forensic sciences: DNA fingerprinting, short tandem repeat analysis, forensic serology.
Ronald Koder
creating new enzyme-based cancer therapies and protein based biological solar energy devices – ‘green’ solar panels.
Sanjai Kumar
design, synthesis and evaluation of tight-binding inhibitors of clinically important enzyme targets using a combination of rational and combinatorial approaches, enzyme kinetics and molecular modeling.
Thomas Kurtzman
understanding the role of water in molecular recognition.
Themis Lazaridis
computational biophysics; protein folding and stability, molecular recognition, protein-membrane interactions.
Louis Levinger
RNA-protein interactions.
Christine Li
the function and regulation of a class of neuropeptide neurotransmitters in the genetic model organism
Peter Lipke
role of amyloids in cell adhesion, interactions of fungal pathogens with host, yeast cell surface structure and biogenesis.
Diego Loayza
telomere function in human cells.
Sharon Loverde
molecular self-assembly, coarse-grained molecular dynamics, polymer-drug and polymer-membrane interactions.
Richard Magliozzo
spectroscopy and reaction mechanisms of heme enzymes; radicals in biological systems.
Prabodhika Mallikaratchy
combinatorial chemistry, molecular recognition, protein-ligand interactions, functional bio-nano materials.
Itzhak Mano
biology of glutamate
Hiroshi Matsui
bio-nanotechnology, protein nanotubes, electronics, sensors.
Gerard McNeil
the role of RNA-binding proteins during development of Drosophila melanogaster, with a focus on oogenesis and the adult nervous system.
Alicia Meléndez
developmental genetics and autophagy in C. elegans.
Carmen Melendez-Vasquez
Corinne Michels
Molecular genetics, regulation of gene expression, yeast genetics.
Fred Naider
peptide transport; yeast mating pheromones; prenylated peptides synthesis; peptide hormones and signal transduction; design of antimicrobial agents
Napthali O'Conner
study of fluorescent sensors, biodegradable hydrogels for biomedical applications and CO2 sequestration and reduction.
Olorunseum Ogunwobi
Benjamin Ortiz
chromatin, transcription and immune system development
Manfred Philipp
boronic acids as enzyme inhibitors and enzyme analogs; combinatorial approaches to enzyme inhibition.
Sebastien Poget
understanding of selected membrane proteins and their function on an atomic level of structural detail.
Luis Quadri
biosynthesis of mycobacterial iron-chelating compounds utilized for iron uptake (siderophores); elucidate the biosynthesis of lipidic mycobacterial virulence factors called DIMs; and develop compounds with utility as leads for drug development or chemical biology tools.
Krishnaswami Raja
bionanotechnology, synthetic polymer chemistry, biopharmaceutical chemistry and targeted drug delivery
Jayne Raper
primate innate immunity; host pathogen interactions; parasites.
Stephan Redenti
Stem cells, tissue engineering, and nanotechnology
Patricia Rockwell
signal transduction pathways
Susan A. Rotenberg
structure-function of protein kinase C and its role in cancer cell metastasis.
Rivka Rudner
Expression of Ribosomal and Transfer RNA Genes/Cooperative Colonial Patterning in the Genus Bacillus.
Charlotte Russell
Tetrapyrroles: Heme & Siroheme Biosynthesis in E. coli; Lipid-mediated Hemagglutination.
Kevin Ryan
bioorganic studies of olfactory molecular recognition; mammalian pre-mRNA 3' end processing regulation by protein phosphorylation; and development of new methods to deliver miRNA and siRNA to human cells.
Wilma Saffran
DNA repair, mutation and recombination in yeast.
Shireen Saleque
interplay between transcription factors and their co-regulators (genetic factors) and the chromatin alterations they catalyze (epigenetic processes) in orchestrating gene expression patterns that in turn program the fate and function of hematopoietic stem and progenitor cells.
Uri Samuni
combining spectroscopy, specifically, resonance Raman and surface enhanced Raman spectroscopy, sol-gel encapsulation of proteins and nanoparticles.
Renuka Sankaran
Whole plant mineral nutrition and homeostasis, interaction of metal contaminants such as Cd with mineral nutrients in terms of ion transport, and the transfer of these minerals through the food chain.
Moira Sauane
The molecular biology of anti-cancer genes with the goal of improving outcomes of therapeutic strategies for cancer and discovering new therapeautic strategies
Displaying results 51-100 (of 122)
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