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Zaghloul Ahmed
Neuronal injury and repair, electromagnetic stimulation, rehabilitative techniques and devices
Alejandra D. Alonso
Mechanisms of neurodegeneration in diseases like Alzheimer
Sebastián Alvarado
How epigenetic mechanisms shape neuronal substrates and how they relate to evolution
Asohan Amarasingham
Neural circuits and their models, neural coding, statistics of neurophysiological signals
Barbara Ambrose
Plant Evolutionary Developmental Genomics
Robert P. Anderson
Developing GIS-based methods of modeling species geographic ranges using occurrence records and environmental data.
Cesar Arenas-Mena
Developmental gene regulation, computational genomics, evolution.
Kate Armstrong
Plant Systematics & Taxonomy, Molecular Systematics, and Biogeography
Ivica Arsov
The role of mitochondrial phospholipids in t-cells apoptosis and development
Pinar Ayata
Andrea Baden
Molecular underpinnings of primate social and reproductive strategies particularly in malagasy strepsirrhines
Mitchell B. Baker
Behavior, ecology and evolution
Michael Balick
Economic botany and medicinal plants
Probal Banerjee
Neurobiology and neurochemistry
Jill Bargonetti
Molecular biology of tumor suppressor P53
George F. Barrowclough
Ornithology, systematics, population genetic
Jennifer A. Basil
sensory ecology of marine vertebrates
Jeff Beeler
Information processing and plasticity in basal ganglia circuitry and its contribution to motivational plasticity, behavioral flexibility and neuropsychiatric disorders (PD, obesity, addiction, depression)
Amy C. Berkov
Tropical plant - insect interactions and urban botany
Nicolas Biais
Role of physical forces in microbiology, Biophysics
Marom Bikson
Neural engineering, electric field-neuronal interactions, epilepsy, medical devices
Jeffrey A. Bird
Biogeochemistry; Ecosystem ecology, soil C and N cycling, soil microbial ecology, plant-microbial interactions, and mechanisms of soil C and N stabilization
Christopher Blair
Molecular Systematics, Phylogenomics, Phylogeography, Species Delimitation, Herpetology
Richard Bodnar
Neuropharmacology of analgesia and ingestion
Brian M. Boom
Systematics and economic botany of neotropical plants
Displaying results 1-25 (of 215)
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