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Jonathan Levitt
Position: Associate Professor, Biology
Associate Professor, Psychology
Campus Affiliation: City College of New York|Graduate Center
Phone: 212.650.8539
Room Number: CDI-13306
Degrees/Diplomas: Senior Research Fellow, Institute of Ophthalmology, University College London, 1992-1998 Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine, 1990-1992 M.A. | Ph.D. in Experimental Psychology, Center for Neural Science, NYU, 1990 B.A. in Biophysics, University of Pennsylvania,1984
Subprogram: Neuroscience
Research Interests: Neurophysiology and neuroanatomy of the central visual pathways, organization and development of mammalian cerebral cortex
Research Focus: Behavioral/Systems/Cognitive|Neuroscience|Development/Plasticity/Repair