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Phillip P.A. Staniczenko
Position: Assistant Professor, Biology
Campus Affiliation: Brooklyn College|Graduate Center
Degrees/Diplomas: D.Phil. in Condensed Matter Physics, University of Oxford
M.Phys. in Physics, University of Oxford
Subprogram: Ecology, Evolutionary Biology, and Behavior
Research Interests: Community ecology, environmental change, food webs, ecological networks, social-ecological networks, biological pest control, urban pollination
Research Focus: Conservation, Ecology, And Biodiversity
My work examines the effect of anthropogenic change on ecological networks representing interactions among species in a community. I aim to develop new techniques for analyzing large and complex multispecies data. By bridging theory and empirical work, I hope to advance our understanding of community ecology and improve our ability to predict the effects of environmental change on ecosystems.

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  • Staniczenko, P.P.A., Lewis, O.T., Tylianakis, J.M., Albrecht, M., Coudrain, V., Klein, A.-M. & Reed-Tsochas, F. (2017). Predicting the effect of habitat modification on networks of interacting species. Nature Communications, 8, 792.
  • Staniczenko, P.P.A., Sivasubramaniam, P., Suttle, K.B. & Pearson, R.G. (2017). Linking macroecology and community ecology: Refining predictions of species distributions using biotic interaction networks. Ecology Letters, 20, 693–707.
  • Staniczenko, P.P.A., Kopp, J.C. & Allesina, S. (2013). The ghost of nestedness in ecological networks. Nature Communications, 4, 1931.
  • Staniczenko, P.P.A., Lewis, O.T., Jones, N.S. & Reed-Tsochas, F. (2010). Structural dynamics and robustness of food webs. Ecology Letters, 13, 891–899.

Courses Taught
  • BIOL76001: Ecology
  • BICM87001: Bioinformatics with computing practicum