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New York Botanical Garden

Balick, Michael
Economic botany and medicinal plants
Boom, Brian M.
Systematics and economic botany of neotropical plants
Buck, William R.
Systematics and floristics of mosses
Daly, Douglas C.
Systematics, economic botany, and biodiversity in the Amazon
Halling, Roy E.
Systematics, biogeography and conservation of macro-fungi
Henderson, Andrew J.
Systematics, floristics, and ecology of new world palms
Karol, Kenneth G.
Green algal systematics and evolution, comparative organellon genomics
Kelly, Lawrence M.
Angiosperm systematics and flouristics
Litt, Amy
Molecular mechanisms; plant genomics
Little, Damon P.
Plant systematics and character evolution, bioinformatics
Michelangeli, Fabian
Plant systematics (particularly melastomataceae) and insect-plant co-evolution
Moran, Robbin
Systematics, ecology, and geography of the new world tropics
Naczi, Robert F.C.
Floristics of eastern North America, systematics and ecology of Cyperaceae, systematics and ecology of Sarraceniaceae
Peters, Charles
Tropical plant ecology and the management of tropical forests
Plunkett, Gregory M.
Vascular plant systematics using molecular and structural data, with an emphasis on the dicot order Apiales (e.g. Araliaceae and Apiaceae); biogeography of plants from the Pacific and Indian ocean basin
Stevenson, Dennis
Systematics of cycads
Thomas, William W.
Systematics and Evolution of the plant families, Cyperaceae, Simaroubaceae and Picramniaceae. Biodiversity and Conservation of the Atlantic forests of Northeastern Brazil
Torke, Benjamin M.
The systematics, evolution, and biogeography of the leguminosae
Vandebroek, Ina
Bioactivity and conservation of medicinal and food plants for human health and well-being in rural and urban environments.