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Zaghloul Ahmed
Neuronal injury and repair, electromagnetic stimulation, rehabilitative techniques and devices
Alejandra D. Alonso
Mechanisms of neurodegeneration in diseases like Alzheimer
S. Elizabeth Alter
Marine metagenomics, molecular evolution and population genetics of marine organisms including fishes and marine mammals; environmental DNA techniques for monitoring marine biodiversity; reconstructing evolutionary and demographic histories using genetic data; molecular adaptation to anthropogenic disturbances in marine environments.
Asohan Amarasingham
Neural circuits and their models, neural coding, statistics of neurophysiological signals
Barbara Ambrose
Plant Evolutionary Developmental Genomics
Jose Anadon
Robert P. Anderson
Developing GIS-based methods of modeling species geographic ranges using occurrence records and environmental data.
Jesus A. Angulo
Cesar Arenas-Mena
Multipotency and developmental gene regulatory networks
Ivica Arsov
The role of mitochondrial phospholipids in t-cells apoptosis and development
Mitchell B. Baker
Behavior, ecology and evolution
Michael Balick
Economic botany and medicinal plants
Maryam Bamshad
Study of neural mechanisms underlying monogamous mating systems
Probal Banerjee
Neurobiology and neurochemistry
Jill Bargonetti
Molecular biology of tumor suppressor P53
Jennifer A. Basil
sensory ecology of marine vertebrates
Laura L. Beaton
Plant Evolutionary Ecology
Amy C. Berkov
Tropical plant - insect interactions and urban botany
Nicolas Biais
Role of physical forces in microbiology
Marom Bikson
Neural engineering, electric field-neuronal interactions, epilepsy, medical devices
Jeffrey A. Bird
Ecosystem ecology, soil C and N cycling, soil microbial ecology, plant-microbial interactions, and mechanisms of soil C and N stabilization
Christopher Blair
Molecular Systematics, Phylogeography, Landscape Genetics, Biogeography, Herpetology
Richard Bodnar
Neuropharmacology of analgesia and ingestion
Brian M. Boom
Systematics and economic botany of neotropical plants
Louis Bradbury
Diana P. Bratu
Fluorescence microscopy, nanoprobes, dynamic processes of nucleic acids, post-transcriptional control of gene expression with implications in disease
Christopher Braun
Function and evolution of auditory and hydrodynamic senses in fishes
Derrick T. Brazill
Extracellular factors regulating cell behavior
Patricia A. Broderick
In vivo microvoltammetry; neurotransmitters and behavior; human epilepsy; cocaine addiction; schizophrenia; depression and anxiety
William R. Buck
Systematics and floristics of mosses
Avrom J. Caplan
CUNY Associate University Dean for Research
Ana Carolina O. Q. Carnaval
Evolutionary biogeography, biodiversity studies, herpetology, amphibian chytridiomycosis
James M. Carpenter
Phylogenetic relationships, taxonomy and behavior of hymenoptera
John A. Chamberlain
Cephalopod paleobiology and evolution; fossil chondrichthyans; functional morphology
Abha Chauhan
Oxidative stress in autism, amyloid beta-protein fibrillization in Alzheimer
Hai-Ping Cheng
Bacterial molecular mechanism for sensing host and environmental stimuli
Gregory P. Cheplick
Population and ecology of grasses and fungal symbionts
Joel Cracraft
Ornithology; systematics; biodiversity
Douglas C. Daly
Systematics, economic botany, and biodiversity in the Amazon
Lesley Davenport
Membrane biochemistry; protein folding
John J. Dennehy
Bacteriophage evolutionary ecology
Rob Desalle
Systematic analysis; evolution of drosophilids
Jeremy Draghi
Robert O. Duncan
Physiological mechanisms of visually guided behavior in healthy individuals
Laurel Ann Eckhardt
Molecular genetics of lymphocyte differentiation
Jay Alan Edelman
Guidance of eye movements by vision, memory and cognition
Helene C. Eisenman
Cell biology of melanotic fungi
Abdeslem El-Idrissi
Synaptic plasticity and mechanisms of epileptogenecity
Mark M. Emerson
Cone photoreceptor development; Cis-regulatory elements in neuronal development and transcriptional specificity.
Lesley Emtage
Displaying results 1-50 (of 103)
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