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Barrowclough, George F.
Ornithology, systematics, population genetic
Beaton, Laura L.
Plant Evolutionary Ecology
Chamberlain, John A.
Cephalopod paleobiology and evolution; fossil chondrichthyans; functional morphology
Gruber, David F.
Microbial ecology, marine biogeochemistry, coral reef ecology
Kennelly, Edward
Phytochemistry: medicinal plants
Lahti, David C.
Evolutionary and behavioral ecology, especially the evolution of complex and learned traits in birds and humans
Lee, John J.
Marine microbiology ecology, symbiosis, dinoflagellates
Manne, Lisa L.
Impact of climate and competition on species' abundances. Biogeography. Spatial patterns of biodiversity. Climate change research
Naro-Maciel , Eugenia
Conservation genetics and molecular evolution with a focus on turtles and marine organisms, conservation biology, protected areas, and turtle ecology.
Sterling, Eleanor
Biodiversity and conservation
Stewart, Gillian
Biogeochemistry, radioecology, trace metal and elemental cycling, plankton physiology, food web ecology, carbon flux and sequestration
Veit, Richard R.
Ecology of birds and other vertebrates
Wallace, William G.
Estuarian ecology
Wilson, Tony
Sexual Selection and Speciation in Aquatic Systems
Zarnoch, Chester B.
marine ecology, shellfish biology, and aquaculture