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Molecular Biology, Genomics And Biochemistry

Arenas-Mena, Cesar
Multipotency and developmental gene regulatory networks
Biais, Nicolas
Role of physical forces in microbiology
Cheng, Hai-Ping
Bacterial molecular mechanism for sensing host and environmental stimuli
Eckhardt, Laurel Ann
Molecular genetics of lymphocyte differentiation
Goss, Dixie J.
Translational control of protein synthesis in plants
Gunner, Marilyn R.
Plant biophysics: electron transfer reactions in photosynthesis
Holford, Mandë
Chemical Marine Biology: An evolutionary roadmap to the discovery and characterization of novel neuropeptides from marine organisms.
Karol, Kenneth G.
Green algal systematics and evolution, comparative organellon genomics
Kennelly, Edward
Phytochemistry: medicinal plants
Litt, Amy
Molecular mechanisms; plant genomics
Little, Damon P.
Plant systematics and character evolution, bioinformatics
Mujtaba, Shiraz
Define Epigenetic Mechanisms Directing the Progression of Castrate-resistant Prostate Cancer to Identify Molecular Targets for New Developing Therapeutic Modalities
Polle, Juergen E.W.
Physiology and biotechnology of microalgae
Qiu, Weigang
Microbes, genomics, population genetics, evolution, and bioinformatics
Quadri, Luis E. N.
Genetics and biochemistry of cell-wall component and secondary metabolite biosynthesis in clinically-relevant mycobacteria
Sankaran, Renuka P.
Whole plant mineral nutrition and homeostasis, interaction of metal contaminants such as CD with mineral nutrients in terms of ion transport, and transfer of these minerals through the food chain.
Shen, Chang-Hui
Mechanism of transcriptional activation Regulation of pH and copper homeostasis Control of phospholipid biosynthesis
Stark, Ruth E.
Structure and development of protective plant polymers; molecular biophysics of lipid metabolism; molecular structure and assembly of fungal melanins; nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy
Wurtzel, Eleanore T.
Molecular and structural biology studies on plant biochemical pathways to provide knowledge and tools for developing sustainable solutions to worldwide vitamin A deficiency and malnutrition and meeting the challenges of global food security in the face of climate change
Zheng, Zhi-Liang
Rop small GT-phase signaling mechanisms in environmental stress response in Arabidopsis