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Maria Knikou
Human neural basis of motor control, spinal neuronal circuits, electromagnetic stimulation of the central nervous system, neuronal plasticity, recovery of neurological disorders
Ronald L. Koder
Synthetic biology, computational protein/enzyme design
Andreas H. Kottmann
Understanding the regulation of structural plasticity in the adult brain during motor learning and memory; neurogenesis; molecular etiology of progressive neurodegenerative diseases like Parkinson’s Disease and ALS.
Konstantinos Krampis
Bioinformatics, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Deep Learning applications in Genomics, Computational Biology, Discrete Systems modeling for Genomic Regulation, Visualizations of Large-Scale Genomic Data, Metagomics, Cancer Genomics
Geri Kreitzer
The roles played by the cytoskeleton in establishment and maintenance of cell polarity
Tom Kurtzmn
Biomolecular recognition and using this understanding to discover and design new pharmaceutical compounds
David C. Lahti
Evolutionary and behavioral ecology, especially the evolution of complex and learned traits in birds and humans
James Lendemer
Biodiversity and conservation of lichens and other fungi, Symbioses; fungi
Jonathan Levitt
Neurophysiology and neuroanatomy of the central visual pathways, organization and development of mammalian cerebral cortex
Christine Li
Understanding how different chemicals in the nervous system affect behavior. Using genetic model systems to understand neurodegenerative diseases
Ekaterina Likhtik
Neural syntax of learning and emotional processing, threat and safety, cortical-subcortical communication, inhibitory systems, amygdala.
Hyungsik Lim
Biophysics, Brain, Retina, Multiphoton Microscopy, Glaucoma, Neurodegenerative Disorders, Intravital Microscopy, Transcriptional Dynamics
Peter N. Lipke
Role of functional amyloids in cell adhesion; cell surface architecture in yeast
Damon P. Little
Plant systematics and character evolution, bioinformatics
Diego Loayza
Telomere function in human cells.
David J. Lohman
Ecology, evolution, and conservation of insects and other volant animals in Southeast Asia
Gholson Lyon
TAF1 syndrome, KBG syndrome, NAA-10, and NAA15 related syndromes
Shahana Mahajan
Neurological Diseases and Cancer
Prabodhika Mallikaratchy
Nucleic Acid Aptamers, In vitro evolution of artificial nucleic acid ligands, Therapeutic drug delivery, Cancer, Biochemical investigations of ligand receptor interactions.
Lisa L. Manne
Impact of climate and competition on species' abundances. Biogeography. Spatial patterns of biodiversity. Climate change research
Itzhak Mano
Neuronal cell death that occurs when the brain is flooded with too much of the neurotransmitter glutamate
John F. Marra
Phytoplankton ecology, ocean productivity, food resources from the ocean
John H. Martin
Understanding development of the motor systems and motor behavior; repair of the damaged motor systems
Alex McAlvay
Ethnobotany, Agricultural Biodiversity, Domestication & Indigenous Ecological Knowledge
Dan McCloskey
Understanding spontaneous patterns of activity in the brain under normal conditions and in neurological and psychological disorders
Displaying results 101-125 (of 219)
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