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Kyle C. McDonald
Alicia Melendez
Molecular and genetics study of autophagy in C. Elegans.
Carmen Violeta Melendez-Vasquez
Glial cell biology, myelination, cytoskeleton
Jin Meng
Morphology evolution and systematics of mammals
Fabian Michelangeli
Plant systematics (particularly melastomataceae) and insect-plant co-evolution
Susana Mingote
The brain circuits controlling motivated behavior, particularly circuits modulated by the dopamine system, by using a circuit-based approach integrating my expertise in behavior, anatomy, synaptic physiology and optogenetics.
Robbin Moran
Systematics, ecology, and geography of the new world tropics
Shiraz Mujtaba
Define Epigenetic Mechanisms Directing the Progression of Castrate-resistant Prostate Cancer to Identify Molecular Targets for New Developing Therapeutic Modalities
Theodore R. Muth
Host pathogen interaction bacterium
Monn Monn Myat
Collective cell migration in organ development and angiogenesis
Robert F.C. Naczi
Floristics of eastern North America, systematics and ecology of Cyperaceae, systematics and ecology of Sarraceniaceae
Steven Nicoll
Understanding the effects of biomaterial substrates and enviromental stimuli on progenitor cell differentiation toward specialized connective tissue cell lineages.
Michael Novacek
Systematics, paleontology
Olorunseun Ogunwobi
Cancer Biology, Cancer Disparities, Non-coding RNAs, PVT1
Benjamin D. Ortiz
Chromatin, gene regulation and immune system development
Hysell Oviedo
Function and dysfunction of auditory circuits
Lucas Parra
Probabilistic modeling of neuronal signals with particular focus on real-time neuro imaging
Pablo Peixoto
mitochondrial biogenesis and functional interactions in normal and diseased cells. More specifically, my laboratory applies biochemistry, electrophysiology, and live cell imaging approaches to study exchange of mitochondria signals and mitochondrial dynamics in yeast and mammalian cells
Susan L. Perkins
Organismal Biology (i.e. Parasitology, Herpetology), microbiomes, systematics, evolutionary biology, genetics, herpetology, biogeography
Mark Pezzano
Immunology T-cell development
Greg Phillips
Cell-cell interactions in synaptic development and neurodevelopmental disorders
J. Chris Pires
Evolutionary systems biology, phylogenomics, molecular cytogenetics, transcriptomics, Asparagales, Brassicales
Gregory M. Plunkett
Vascular plant systematics using molecular and structural data, with an emphasis on the dicot order Apiales (e.g. Araliaceae and Apiaceae); biogeography of plants from the Pacific and Indian ocean basin
Juergen E.W. Polle
Physiology and biotechnology of microalgae
Lorenzo Prendini
Empirical study of phylogeny, macroevolution, speciation, biogeography, and comparative evolutionary biology, using scorpions and minor arachnid orders as model organisms.
Displaying results 126-150 (of 219)
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