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Major Research Grants for Biology Doctoral Faculty

Professor Jason Munshi-South, Graduate Deputy Chair for the Biology Ph.D. Program, representing Baruch College, has recently been awarded a three-year grant (2012-2015) from the National Institutes of Health (General Medical Sciences). The grant is for $200,000 (direct costs), and the title of the funded proposal is “Adaptive evolutionary responses of white-footed mice to urbanization in New York City.”

Professor Mark E. Hauber, Biology and Psychology doctoral faculty member, has received a collaborative Human Frontier Science Program grant for three years (2012-2015). The title of the funded proposal is “The chemistry of visual trickery: mechanisms of egg colour mimicry in parasitic cuckoos.” The $1.2 million award will be split among the four members of an intercontinental research team (Mark Hauber, PI: Hunter/CUNY, and co-PIs Matt Shawkey: University of Akron, USA; Geoff Waterhouse: University of Auckland, New Zealand; and Tomas Grim: Palacky University, Czech Republic).

Professor Frank Burbrink, chair of the subprogram in Ecology, Evolutionary Biology, and Behavior, has received a $650,000 grant from the National Science Foundation, Systematic Biology section. The title of the funded proposal is “An inclusive phylogeny for the Pseudoxyrhophiine snakes in Madagascar” and is an effort involving a collaboration with co-PIs Christopher Raxworthy and Richard Pearson of the American Museum of Natural History. Prof. Burbrink has also received $150,000 in funding from CAPES-Science Without Borders as a Special Visiting Researcher in Brazil (where he is presently spending his sabbatical year). His co-PI on this project is Adrian Garda (UFRN-Brasil).

Submitted on: DEC 1, 2012

Category: Biology