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Biology: Student Honors, Awards, Publications, and Other Activities

Nat Bletter (Biology) can be seen extolling the virtues of his favorite fruit, the Mangosteen, in a New York Times video posted in late April 2008.  In addition, Chocolate in Mesoamerica: A Cultural History of Cacao (University Press of Florida, 2006), edited by anthropology alumna Cameron L. McNeil and to which he and Doug Daly contributed a chapter—“Cacao and its relatives in South America: An overview of taxonomy, ecology, biogeography, chemistry, and ethnobotany”—has won the Society of Economic Botany’s 2008 Mary W. Klinger Book Award, among the Society’s highest honors. (posted 5-08)

Jacob Samuel Edelstein (Biology) received a B. Altman Foundation Dissertation Fellowship ($18,000) for the academic year 2008–09. (posted 8-08)

Lauren A. Esposito (Biology) won a 2008-09 MAGNET Dissertation Fellowship ($20,000 + in-state tuition) to support work on "Revision of the New World Scorpion Genus Centruroides Marx 1980: Systematics and Biogeography." (posted 5-08)

Ratnakar Vallabhaneni (Biology) won a 2008-09 Mina Rees Dissertation Fellowships ($18,000 + in-state tuition) to support work on "Natural Genetic Diversity as a Resource Towards Developing Metabolic Engineering Strategies to Improve or Modulate Maize Endosperm Carotenogenesis." (posted 5-08)

Submitted on: DEC 31, 2008

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