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Biology: Student Honors, Awards, Publications, and Other Activities: 2010

Dmitry Brogun (Biology) participated in a BioBlitz at Jamaica Bay estuary in Brooklyn in June. A field study consisting of a 24- or 48-hour biological inventory by scientists and volunteers, a BioBlitz attempts to identify and record all species of living organisms in a certain area. Brogun was invited as a specialist on micro-algae, and is currently performing thesis research in biotechnology on micro-algae for biofuel applications at Brooklyn College. (posted 9-2010)

Beki Croston (Biology), who is working on the behavioral and physiological aspects of avian parasite/host interactions, coauthored with Mark E. Hauber (Assoc. Prof., Hunter, Biology, Psychology) “The Ecology of Avian Brood Parasitism,” Nature Education Knowledge 1(9):3. The open-access informative article was peer reviewed and written for a general audience, in accordance with the program’s outreach effort to popularize scientific progress from the field and the laboratory for those outside academia. Visit this link. (posted 11-2010)

Oren Tzfadia (Biology) was awarded a Genesys Poster Award, for his research in plant sciences, at the 11th International Conference on Systems Biology, held at the University of Edinburgh. (posted 12-2010)

Submitted on: DEC 31, 2010

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