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Faculty Book: Steven C. Cowin

Steven C. Cowin and Stephen B. Doty

Tissue Mechanics, 2nd edition
(Springer, 2007)

Tissues transmit mechanical loads just like bridges and building structures but, unlike the latter, they also adapt their own structures to transmit the mechanical loads more effectively. The structures of living tissues are continually changing due to growth and response to the tissue environment, including the mechanical environment. The objective of this text is to describe the nature of the composite components of a tissue, the cellular processes that produce these constituents, the assembly of the constituents into a hierarchical structure, and the behavior of the tissues composite structure in the adaptation to its mechanical environment. A tissues mechanical environment is the history of mechanical loading experienced by the tissue in some reference time period, like a day. The textbook is aimed at advanced undergraduate students or above, provides a fresh perspective on older material issues, and includes new research results. Stephen Cowin is a distinguished professor of biology and engineering at City College at the Graduate Center.

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Submitted on: OCT 25, 2007

Category: Biology | Faculty Books