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Faculty Book: Steve Clemants

Steve Clemants and Carol Gracie

Wildflowers in the Field and Forest: A Field Guide to the Northeastern United States
(Oxford University Press, 2006)

Book Cover imageThis comprehensive field guide features two-page spreads with concise but thorough descriptions; a color-coded range map faces a page of color photos, and the map shows both where the plant grows and what time of year it is likely to be in bloom. The full-color photos generally show the flowers of the plant, and insets of leaves (and occasionally fruits) are often included to help in identification. A bar on each photo allows users to accurately judge the actual size of each flower. In addition to the more common and conspicuous wildflowers, many of the lesser known species are also depicted. The beginning of the book has a simple key that allows one to quickly narrow one's search to a few pages. Both serious botanists and casual nature observers will welcome this beautifully illustrated and expertly detailed guide. Steven Clemants is an adjunct professor of biology at The Graduate Center and a taxonomist and Vice President of Science at the Brooklyn Botanical Garden.

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Submitted on: APR 13, 2006

Category: Biology | Faculty Books