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Faculty Book: Lawrence Kobilinsky and Henrietta Margolis-Nunno

Lawrence Kobilinsky, Louis Levine, and Henrietta Margolis-Nunno

Forensic DNA Analysis
(Chelsea House Publishers, 2007)

As scientists have unraveled the code of DNA, new fields have opened up in forensics. DNA can be used for many applications, from figuring out whether someone is the father of a baby to determining whether a particular person was present at a crime scene. Forensic DNA Analysis, part of a six-volume series entitled Inside Forensic Science, takes readers through the analysis process and explains the possible results. The book has full-color photographs and illustrations, sidebars, suggestions for further reading, a list of helpful web sites, references, and a glossary. Series editor and author Lawrence Kobilinsky, a professor of forensics at John Jay College, has been actively involved in introducing the study of forensics to NYC school system's criminal justice program. Louis Levine, Ph.D., has specialized in forensic genetics consulting for fifteen years and is an expert panel member of the Assigned Counsel Plan of the City of New York. Henrietta Margolis-Nunno, Ph.D., J.D., is an assistant professor of biology at John Jay College and the Graduate Center.

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Submitted on: MAR 1, 2007

Category: Biology | Criminal Justice | Faculty Books